In our humble opinion, it doesn’t get much better than a beloved pet at a wedding. You might already know this about us (we’ve made no secret of it, let’s be honest) and we have an inkling that you might just feel the same way we do about fluffy bois and good girls being there to witness your walk down the aisle. They’re part of the family, after all. It wouldn’t be right to get married without them by your side!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of incorporating your fur baby into your big day, know that it’s a BIG yes from us – and the snaps you’re about to lay your lucky eyes on are proof this is a bloody great idea. You can deck them out in mini tuxes (too freakin’ cute) or super-special bows and collars, have them walk down the aisle or push them in a pram (yes, we’ve seen it done!), and for the goodest dogs (and cats!), maybe even give them the special role of ring bearer. Just make sure they know how to come when called…

When you get through with all the cuteness, which we KNOW is what you came here for, you’ll find a big ol’ list of the talented photographers who happily ignored the “never work with children and animals” rule and came up with the goods! (So you can count on them to know how to snap your fur family on the big day). We’re talking the talented people at One Spoon Two Spoon, Stories By Ash, Blaise Bell, Janneke Storm and stacks more skilled lens ladies and lads. And if you want even more pet love (which, of course, you do), check out more furry friends in attendance at weddings past – we’ve even got a couple who invited their goat). You’re welcome.

CREDITS Photos (from top) One Spoon Two Spoon, Alana Taylor Photography, Arianna Harry Photography, Emma Macaulay Photography, Belinda Monck Photography, Finch & Oak, Stories By Ash, Emma Macaulay Photography, Silas Chau, The Evoke Company, Translucent Photography, Smith + Archer, Salt & Light Media, Blaise Bell, Translucent Photography, Nikki McCrone, Emma Nayler Photography, Translucent Photography, Na Lia Weddings, Janneke Storm.