Taking a unique approach to the typical styled shoot, Mary Parker of River & Fern Photography opted away from models and, instead, chose to utilise a real couple that would have a real connection on camera.

“My friends Nirrimi and Chris offered to work with me and I put together a team from there,” she explains, adding that the shoot reflected the couple’s style and personalities.

“They are both creatives, travellers, adventures and nature lovers, as am I, so my inspiration was drawn from this. The shoot is full of life and colour because Nirrimi, Chris and Alba are full of life and colour. I’d really like this shoot to inspire couples to have weddings that are celebrations of them, who they are, their style and what they value.”

With a bridal gown from Through The White Door and hair and makeup by The Pretty Parlour, Nirrimi looked gorgeous amongst styling by Flights of Fancy By Kristy, props by Pretty Willow and Florals by Fox and Rabbit, while Chris handsomely rocked a Gentleman and Scholar bowtie.

While Mary utilised some of her grandmother’s Indian saris to creater that awesome backdrop, it was Kristy who dreamed up the totally unique cake hanger designed by Mac and More. All in all, we’ve got to say that shoot turned out pretty magically!

“Nirrimi, Chris, Alba and Jezebel, the dog, did pretty wonderfully, especially considering the combination of a dog, a three year old, cake that wasn’t allowed to be touched til later, and a camera.”

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CREDITS Photos River & Fern //ª?Bridal gown Through The White Door //ª?Hair and makeup The Pretty Parlour //ª?Bowtie Gentleman and Scholar //ª?Stationery The Little Press //ª?Styling Flights of Fancy by Kristy //ª?Florals Fox and Rabbitª?//ª?Cake The Cake And Iª?//ª?Decorative elements Mac and Moreª?//ª?Props Pretty Willow.