Working in this biz, we are fortunate enough to try a lot of incredible products. We’re always being asked by our friends and fam about what the latest and greatest is, which inspired us to do something that in 10 years of Hello May, we’ve never done before. Lo and behold, here is the round up of what we are currently loving on hard here at HM HQ.

We’re not just covering wedding gifts for the couple, because that would be too easy. We’ve included bridesmaid gifts, mother-of-the-bride (and groom) gifts, and even gifts for yourself – hey, wedding planning is stressful, and you’ve earned it!

Let us tell you, only picking a few was not easy, but don’t worry, we’re got plenty more rec’s where that came from. We’ve always been super passionate about only sharing what we truly, deeply love as a team, whether that be people or products, both on the blog and in the mag (grab our latest Issue here!). The Directory is something we’re so proud of, because it contains the best of the best – in our humble opinion, of course. Go have a lil peruse once you’re done finding out what made our list below…

This is my easy go-to engagement or wedding gift. These days, couples have clocked a few years living together before they tie the knot so a little kitchen refresh is always welcome. And what is not to love about Crumble cookware? Arguably 10x more exciting than your average kitchen pot or pan, their OG Dutch Oven comes in six chic colours (I personally can’t get enough of the Broccoli Green and Yellow options). Their newly released low casserole dish and skillet are on point too. Oh, and did I mention they are currently having a 40% off sale?
– Sophie Lord, Editor & Creative Director 
We have never seen a Meg Maskell piece that we didn’t like. We’ve deemed her a ‘gem genius’ because she sources the most unique stones – they’re out of this world! One thing I love about her fine jewellery is that it’s handmade and bespoke, so she can work with different price points depending on the client. Meg’s passion is coloured stones, and the Round Petite Parti Sapphire Necklace is on my wish list. At $240, they make a stunning gift for your bridesmaids, and for yourself, too. And of course, I’m loving on the sparkler above, because a girl’s gotta dream, right?
– Melissa Wakefield, Senior Graphic Designer
This one’s a bit niche, however as a dog lover, I have been asked to be the pet sitter at wedding ceremonies a few times now. Yes, I’m always up for hanging out with anybody’s pooch, but the logistics can be taxing on the average wedding guest. Enter Fuzzy Buddy, a boutique dog sitting business that specialises in bespoke pet wedding services. They handle everything from caring for your good boi (or gal), grooming them for the big day, dressing them up in their best attire, coordinating with photographers, and even tucking them into bed that night if you so wish. Gifting Fuzzy Buddy‘s services to the happy couple takes so much pressure off them, and they will be super grateful for it. Trust me.
– Melissa Wakefield, Senior Graphic Designer
Okay, so you’ve got your bridesmaids some snazzy earrings as a “hey, thanks for being a rad bridesmaid” gift but you’d like to include a few more goodies for your squad. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never not loved getting a candle as a gift, and especially a Lumen by Georgia candle. They look good, make my house smell pretty, and are just generally a gift you can’t go wrong giving or receiving. I especially love Georgia’s The Body Collection as she represents women of all shapes and sizes with her ThaliaGaiaAglaia and Hera shapes. Got a bridesman? She’s got you covered there too. And at $24.95, these luxe candles make for an affordable gift.
– Sophie Lord, Editor & Creative Director 
Not just a great bridesmaid or mother of the bride gift, making sure you nab a pair of Amelie George earrings for yourself should be high on your wedding prep priority list. We shoot a lot of the studio fashion editorials that you see in the magazine right here in the Hello May office and the whole team is always lusting over something Amelie George related, whether it be these classic Olympia Pearl Earrings with a modern twist, this epic Pearl Veil, or this cosy Vegan Fur Wedding Jacket.
– Manori Mendis, Head of Partnerships 
There’s a possibility that I’m only invited to weddings because I’ve become renowned for slinging (not literally, it’s glass, please do not sling it) these as gifts, left, right and centre. Nouvelle Glass Lucy Champagne Glass Set is the perfect present. The thoughtfulness of the personalised engraving, combined with the divine handblown crystal, makes for a keepsake that your pals will use to ‘cheers’ with for years to come. The Margot Stemless Glass Set is also ideal if you’re as clumsy as I am – it looks sleek, and minimises spills. Sold!
– Brielle Sykes-Couling, Staff Writer
These deliciously soft, glam and snuggly Silk Velvet Kimono Robes from Squeak Designs are something else. Nab yourself this colour and tick your ‘something blue’ off your list whilst you’re at it. Velvet not your thing? They have loads of stunning silk robes on offer that are beautifully made but still affordably priced. These also make a great ‘how to impress your future mother-in-law’ gift for Mother’s Day too, which is coming up Sunday May 14, folks. You’re welcome.
 – Manori Mendis, Head of Partnerships 
Anybody who knows me knows that I love me some diamonds, and ooft, Grew & Co does them well. Back when I got engaged, I had never heard of lab grown diamonds, and it’s something I wish I had known about. Not only are they entirely ethical but you get way more bang for your buck! All of Grew & Co‘s stones are exclusively sought after, and put simply, the best of the best. Just throwing it out there, despite usually being a diamond gal, I’m lowkey obsessed with their pink Ceylon Sapphires atm (as seen above) – if my husband is reading this then wink wink, nudge nudge, you know what to do, darl.
– Brielle Sykes-Couling, Staff Writer
We never thought we would see the day where our beloved fur children smelled better than us, but here we are. Full disclosure, we legit had a little tiff here at HM HQ over who got to use this as their staff pick, because we all wanted to. That’s how obsessed we are. (I won, of course). In all seriousness, there’s nothing worse than your guests arriving in their best clothes at your wedding only to be greeted by your dog smelling like, well, dog. Problem solved! Harlow Harry has introduced a range of Pet Parfums that are alcohol free, pH balanced, and vet approved, for you to gift your furry best pal on the day. They smell so good that you will want to wear it for yourself. Find Maisy the Sproodle’s fave [Hunter 33] here.
– Georgia Gardner, Content Producer
Say hello to the heels of your dreams, friends. Give yourself the gift that is Meggan Morimoto footwear and you’ll be wearing your wedding shoes well beyond the big day. She’s a Melbourne-based designer specialising in Italian-made, ready-to-wear footwear, complete with detachable (read: customisable) embellishments. From the pearl anklets we love paired with mules to our personal fave, the clip-on bows, there are endless options. Oh, and you can safely ditch the dancefloor flats in favour of your heels all night ’cause they are also made with comfort, top of mind, of course.
– Laura Wilson, Fashion, Features & Beauty Editor
Thank goodness for The Whole Bride, because they made putting together my bridesmaid boxes a heck of a lot easier. They’re the one stop shop for all things bridal, and there’s nothing that they haven’t thought of. My pick? I’ve fully stocked up on the Confetti Cannons for my upcoming nuptials. Not only do they look fab, but the confetti is fully biodegradable, making that super cute aisle shot totally guilt and mess free. Be sure to check out their life saver emergency kits for only $65.95 – they’re SO worth the spend!
– Georgia Gardner, Content Producer
This is predominantly for the bride, too, my good peeps. Well, it is your day after all and if you’re still looking for your wedding band, or complimentary fine jewels, then you should head on over to The Moissanite Company who describe their matching earrings and pendant as ‘little tokens of love.’ If that’s not appropriate, we don’t know what is! They also have petite rings you can stack and/ or wear solo and engagement rings aplenty. If you’re still wondering wtf moissanite is though, it’s a man-made gemstone that matches the diamond in sparkle and pizazz without the price tag. Trust us. You want to take a look – stat.
– Laura Wilson, Features, Fashion & Beauty Editor