Picture this: A walk through the desert just before the big day. A bride relaxing, enjoying the quietness before being the protagonist of the most anticipated day of her life.

For this shoot, captured by photographer Serafû?n Castillo, the team sought out a super special location. Having trekked to the largest desert in Europe, the Monegros in Zaragoza, Spain, the team focused on a colour palette inspired by the dark soil and almost non-existent vegetation – red, brown and muted green tones.

Styled by the ever-talented The Love Forest Wedding Co, this inspiration shoot relied on earth tones, soft neutral colours and very dull bluish greens, all of which could be seen amongst the plants, the decor and landscape itself.

Rocking extremely natural makeup by Reyes Tabarû?s and water waves hair by Barbareando, the model was given a casual, natural touch. The Love Forest Wedding Co had no hesitation in choosing the two Laura Escribano gowns worn… Designed and manufactured by hand with fabrics and laces from the nineteenth century, these “jewel dresses” are priceless, inspired by Spain’s interior, dry ground.

In contrast, a lovely pop of colour brightened things up thanks to blooms by Pando Floristas as well as hand-written invitations by Naranjas Chinas, lighting by Millûøn Pro, entertainment from Okka DJ and a darn good looking cake by La Tarterû?a. Wowee!

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CREDITS Photos Serafû?n Castillo // Event Stylist/Planner The Love Forest Wedding Co // Bridal gown Laura Escribano // Florist Pando Floristas // Lighting Millûøn Pro // Hair Barbareando // Makeup Reyes Tabarû?s // Stationery Naranjas Chinas // Cake La Tarterû?a // Entertainment Okka DJ.