You’ve walked the aisle, the nuptials are done. It’s been a hell of a lot of organisation, time, anticipation and excitement leading up to this very day. It’s time folks, to get the good times rolling, and side on up to the drinks stand.

Granted, the idea of a drinks stand is not new. We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s otherwise known as a bar. But rather than whipping a case of beers into an ice bucket and giving your wine over to neat rows, there’s so many awesome ways to set up your beverages that’ll get your guests tastebuds tingling. Iced tea in milk bottles, a collection of glassware from good ol’ Vinnies or Salvos, a signature cocktail or two, a whisky or tequila bar, the biggest bowl of punch you ever did see, or just some rather creative presentation. A dandy little beverage stand sure is something worth drinking to!

To get you on your way to a sweet drinks spot of your own, be it for a wedding, hens do, or just your average Tuesday night, the lovely lass Renee from The Soda Stand (a super-pro at the good ol’ drink stand) is giving away a pack of 20 mini glass milk bottles and 20 paper straws with flags (below), valued at $60, for one very lucky reader to win! Just pop a comment below before midnight tonight (December 18) to be in the running!

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