Be still our floral loving hearts. This chirpy Friday we have rounded up 15 of our favourite bouquets and whether you are in the market for a wedding florist or not, there is much joy to be had in this here post.

We aim to please here at HM so expect to find all kinds of blooming beauties. Dried? Yep! Bold and bright? You betcha. Grey roses? Accounted for. Really, we have gone deep into our hoard of floral pics and brought you some rather delightful viewing material.

If you simply can’t get enough floral inspo (we don’t blame you!) then may we suggest popping on over to previous roundups we’ve crafted including swoon-worthy outdoor ceremony setups, 22 beaut bridal bouquets and 17 superb indoor ceremony styling ideas. But first, Pinterest boards primed please, you’re going to want to scroll down…

Creating a burgeoning bouquet of pastel blooms is easier said than done, friends. Unsurprisingly, Muscari pulls this feat off with aplomb. Inspired by the irregular form of Australian flora, Muscari’s creations are bursting with texture and form, meaning whatever your palette, your blooms are bound to be adored. Drop em’ a line right here.
Location: South Coast, NSW

Georgie Boy
A homage to seasonal bits and bobs, Georgie Boy bouquets can best be described as texture in abundance. Everything and anything in bloom is a potential feature, fruiting branches included! We particularly love the cascades of jasmine in the bunches above. Check out Vanessa & Phillip’s Melbourne wedding here for more from this Melbourne-based team. You can also get in touch right here.
Location: Melbourne, VIC

Film & Foliage
Specialising in wild elopements (but keen for a shindig of any size), Film and Foliage bouquets are bursting at the seams with intriguing floral elements. You’ll find no stiff and formal arrangements here, no siree. Expect organic bouquets like the one above, floral heavy with foraged goodness. Pop on over here to get in touch and check out the divine arbour that accompanied this beaut bunch via Eliza and Josh’s Queenstown wedding here.
Location: Newcastle, NSW

Duo Events Creative Studio 
The rich bouquets you see above are the work of Duo Events Creative Studio, one of our fave florists/stylists in West Oz. True to form, when these legends say they are going to deliver, they DELIVER. Each floral creation they produce is bespoke, with individual elements tailored to resonate with you and your love. In one word? Divine. Get in touch here.
Location: Perth, WA

The Refined Bloom
Annie from The Refined Bloom knows a thing or two about flowers and it sure does show. Exhibit A above. Not afraid to mix native with exotic, dried with fresh, Annie’s designs are innovative and exciting. Largely sourcing direct from local flower farms, The Refined Bloom Co is also floral foam free! You can find more of Annie’s work right here.
Location: Goldfields, VIC

Aisle of Eden
Blimey, is there anything these floral goddesses can’t do!! Whilst a rhetorical question, we’d just like to clarify that it’s a hard no, people, Aisle of Eden really are at the top of their game. Whether you are after bright and bold (like real bride Ellie above) or a pastel confection, these ladies are onto it. Whatever your chosen vibe, expect luxe blooms, each stem selected with care. Pop on over here to check out Lauren & Alli’s Sydney wedding and here to get in touch.
Location: Sydney, NSW

The Marmalade Sky
The good folk at The Marmalade Sky draw their inspo from you, yep, you! Getting to know you on a soul level is their prime objective and it’s how they are able to incorporate oodles of thoughtful details into your on the day blooms. Big fans of pops of red (as evidenced by the gum leaf loving bouquet above), The Marmalade Sky are big fans of quirky briefs. The more eclectic, the wilder, the better! Get in touch to talk details here.
Location: Sydney, NSW

Poppies for Willow
Anyone who pairs dusky pink roses with bold, black foliage is a friend of ours. Poppies For Willow do good things with flowers, namely, create scrumptious bouquets dripping with texture, all with their signature elegance and refinement. We can practically feel the lush petals of roses and crispness of dried ferns through the screen. Keen? Find contact details and more fab snaps here.
Location: Southern Queensland, QLD

Clementine Posy
Electric – our word of choice for the extra fun bouquets above. Clementine Posy are detail-obsessed floral legends with a passion for colour and striking design. We can’t quite get enough of this bold fern-ensconced creation above. Wanna know the good news? These guys are keen to make a matching floral garland for your doggo. The even better news? We have contact details right here.
Location: Sydney, NSW

The Green Room Flower Company
Yes, yes and yes to this native/luxe combo. Untamed? Tick. Seasonal? Tick. Locally grown? You know it. Masters of their craft, The Green Room Flower Company are big on bespoke blooms and keen to channel you and your love. Check out their gorgeous creations via Rhiannon & Josh’s Wanaka wedding here. Be sure to get in contact here to secure them for your own big day.
Location: Queenstown, NZ

Petal & Fern
Stop and take a long hard look at this delightful sunrise-in-a-bunch would ya?! Petal & Fern are the kind of peeps you need on your team come the big day. One of a kind blooms are guaranteed all with a signature of vibrancy and expression in place. Need some Petal & Fern in your life? Get in touch right here.
Location: Sydney, NSW

Pomp and Splendour
It’s no secret that we love a neon spray of orchids here at HM, which is why no list of top bouquets is complete without this spiffy number from Pomp & Splendour. These guys have been on our radar for quite a while and no heckin’ wonder. Known for their bold use of colour, as well as their soft pastel palettes, Pomp & Splendour offer a truly collaborative process that is a joy to be a part of. Take a peek at Lucy & Manuel’s Melbourne wedding here or shoot em’ an enquiry here.
Location: Melbourne, VIC & Byron Bay, NSW

River & Eve Flora
We challenge you, dear readers, to find a bunch of blooms emanating an autumnal fantasy greater than this. Make it a double dare. We sure aren’t afraid. Blooms from her very own wedding, we simply can’t get past this foraged, home-grown delight. The lovely Kat of River & Eve Flora is a nature enthusiast with a passion for colour, texture and scent. Prepare to be wowed. Get in touch here.
Location: Sydney, NSW

Poppy’s Getting Married
We will take poppies and flannel flowers any day of the week. Two of our all-time fave blooms, this bunch is happiness distilled. Marnie, the floral genius behind this creation, is known for going above and beyond for her couples, foraging grasses and picking rare blossoms from her own garden when called for. Best of all, this lovely lady is a sustainable florist meaning her creations don’t look good, but do good too. Wanna get in touch? We have handy contact details right here. Peep more from Catherine & Steven’s Melbourne wedding here.
Location: Melbourne, VIC

Eden + Bell
Eden + Bell are fond of florals and we are fond of them. Specialising in luxe blooms, with a splash of whimsy for good measure, these guys do dreamy. Case in point? These beaut bouquets above. Red and blue has never looked so good! Keen to reach out? Contact details can be found thissa way.
Location: Sydney, NSW

CREDITS Photos (from top) The Paper Fox (Aisle of Eden), Damien Milan (Muscari), Tess Follet (Georgie Boy), Barefoot & Bearded (Film and Foliage), Anni Maria Photography (Duo Events Creative Studio) , Sarah Godenzi (The Refined Bloom), The Paper Fox (Aisle of Eden), Gui Jorge (The Marmalade Sky), Alexandra Cohen (Poppies For Willow), Dean Snushall (Clementine Posy), Stories By Ash (The Green Room Flower Co), Folk & Follow (Petal & Fern), Jess Nicholls (Pomp & Splendour), Ben Sowry Photo (River and Eve Flora), Georgia Verrells (Poppy’s Getting Married), Alana Taylor Photography (Eden + Bell).