We read a fair few real wedding Q&A’s here at Hello May and one thing that couples consistently point out is the impact a fab celebrant can have. In fact, the vast majority of our real brides and grooms deem the ceremony the highlight of the day.

Think about it, guys. Not only is your ceremony the most legit part of the day but it is also your guests first glimpse into the kind of vibe you and your love are channelling. Authentic, full of belly laughs, straight-up good times only-vibes – there is a celebrant out there for all of you.

The trouble is, it’s slightly trickier to choose your celebrant based off Insta feeds alone as compared to florists, stylists and photographers. Our advice? Take a good long look at this list right here, read reviews and start by reaching out to these excellent individuals who, we solemnly swear, are amongst the best in the biz.

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Andrew Michael Marriage Celebrant
Come your wedding day there are bound to be a few pesky nerves floating about. All-round top bloke Andrew Michael knows just how to sweep em’ all up and transform them into the best part of your big day. With you through the entire process, Andrew’s decade of experience means he has your ceremony covered, his signature energy included. He will harness your emotions and memories and spin them into something a little bit fun, a little bit sweet and a whole lot of lovely. Drop him a line here.
Location: Byron Bay, NSW

Samuel Miller – The Bearded Celebrant
As his name suggests, Samuel Miller has rather exquisite facial hair but that’s not the only standout feature he has got going on. This friendly lad believes in kicking off the party early and injecting good vibes from the get-go. Practically allergic to the phrase ‘We are gathered here today”, Samuel’s ceremonies are far from standard fare and full of personalised memories. The final word on this smoked meats, craft beer and NFL loving legend? As one of his married couples exclaimed, “How can you go wrong with a guy with that kind of beard game?!” That said, you can get in contact here.
Location: Melbourne, VIC

Rachael Calvert
Celebration is core to Rachael’s being. An extensive career in hospitality led this lovely lady to realise just how much she adored celebrations and everything they stood for. Becoming a professional celebrant? The natural next step. All of Rachael’s ceremonies are ‘made to order’ and are a careful combination of fun, love and heart. Her services are extensive with packages starting from Commitment Ceremonies through to Legals with Frills, Elopements and Full Wedding Packages. Whichever you pick, you are in-store for a delightful ride.
Location: Hobart, TAS

Head over heels in love with the art of celebrancy, Ann’s ceremonies are a true reflection of the power in a moment. Intuitive and down to earth, this Byron-based lass has an extraordinary talent for fostering a strong sense of presence with an exceptional ability to unify guests and couples alike. Ann’s ceremonies are the kind that are talked about for years to come – evocative, personal and deeply felt. She offers up a variety of package options to suit you and the one you love most. Check them out here.
Location: Byron Bay, NSW

Laura Brook Marriage Celebrant
If you’re located in and around Adelaide then you’ll be stoked to learn that Laura Brook Marriage Celebrant is ready and waiting to help with the legalities of your big day. Her calming presence endears her to all and is the perfect compliment to one of the most important moments in your life. Laura never books more than one wedding a day, meaning she is all in for you and your love, whether that means holding your little one whilst you seal the deal or snuggling in under an umbrella mid rainshower. Most importantly, Laura has her priorities set, promising to do everything in her power to ensure your confetti/aisle walk pic is pristine. Get in touch here.
Location: Adelaide, SA

Shannon O’Heir Marriage Celebrant
Shannon does it all. Whatever you are vibing, she is here to deliver, from chill and quirky to romantic and sarcastic. Her vital stats: lover of hash browns, her dog Wagons and possessor of rad rap skills. Most importantly, Shannon delivers services full of heart, bound to be the best bit of your whole day. Drop her a line here, let her know your bevvie of choice and prepare yourself for a very good time. Shannon is so much dang fun we won’t blame you for wanting to keep her around to MC, which is of course, a very fab add on.
Location: ACT

Oliver Thomson Celebrancy
Oliver Thomson is more than keen to guide you through the crafting of a ceremony that is personalised, challenges traditions and is unique to your love. With a dash of sentiment and a sprinkling of laughs, his ceremonies are highly engaging, and that’s not to mention his impeccable wardrobe. A super organised guy, Oliver is ready and waiting to meet you for a cold brew or mulled wine, so best get in contact here, Sydney based lovers. Hot tip: He is also a legendary MC so be sure to get in on that action!
Location: Sydney, NSW

Roxy Hotten Celebrant
Roxy is of the belief that your ceremony is the highlight of the day, and after reading countless real wedding’s here at HM, we couldn’t agree more. An ex-music journalist, Roxy is a talented writer, meaning her ceremonies are both compelling and genuine. She is also laid-back and has a hint of a London accent, and yes, you should definitely book her right this minute. Be sure to pop on over to her directory listing here and get in contact if you fancy catching up to chat about dogs, true crime podcasts and, of course, your big, big love.
Location: Brisbane, QLD

Nat Sproal Celebrant
Nat’s Instagram bio sums up what she is about rather succinctly: Non-Crap Weddings for Legends. Whilst 100% accurate, Nat is also so much more than a purveyor of non-crap weddings. In fact, she is one of the finest celebrants in the biz emanating relaxed, warm and fun vibes devoid of cheese. She’s open, honest and pretty damn enthusiastic when it comes to two peeps in love. Check out Claire & Jay’s country Vic wedding here to catch her in action.
Location: Melbourne, VIC

Tom Cannock
Tom specialises in snappy, fun and stress-free ceremonies, which sound like the best kind of ceremonies going around. Here for you and your guests first and foremost, Tom sprinkles his signature thoughtfulness throughout every aspect of your all-important nuptials. He sets the scene for a relaxed day with the meaningful and personalised ceremony you deserve before sending you on your merry married way. Best of all, Tom has invested the big bucks into the best sound system on the market, meaning Aunty Nora at the back will hear each and every loved-up uttering. You can introduce yourself to Tom right here.
Location: Sydney, NSW

Emma Tomlinson Celebrant
Emma’s tailored ceremonies are renowned for their warmth, fun and high levels of engagement. A master of her craft, Emma’s skills lie in her careful retelling of your story and her exceptionally relaxed delivery. She offers unlimited support, nurturing you and your partner throughout the often exhausting wedding planning journey. Her site is abundant with glowing reviews and all the evidence you need to hire one of the most delightful individuals in the industry. You can find some handy dandy contact details right here.
Location: Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Jacqua Celebrant
Jacqua says a big hard no to stuffy scripts and that’s just one of the reasons we love her. Jacqua’s ceremonies are ideal for creative couples intent on enjoying their ceremony just as much as their reception. Supportive as heck, she is as organised as they come and knowledgeable in every ceremony option available from ring exchange alternatives through to ceremony seating arrangements. You can catch the lovely Jacqua in action at Kate & Dom’s serene South Coast nuptials right here.
Location: South Coast

Love Leah Celebrant
It’s no secret that we are huge fans of the lovely Leah. She wears her heart on her sleeve, adopting her couples as besties for life and channelling their big love into bespoke ceremonies brimming with feels. Leah’s fave word is kindness. Need we say more?! Well, just you try and stop us. She’s a sunbeam in human form with a beaut wardrobe and winning smile. Enough from us, lock her in here peeps.
Location: Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges, VIC

Just Jess Ceremonies
Aside from the legal bits, Jess’s ceremonies are entirely handcrafted as a big, beautiful collab with you and your soon to be. The warmth Jess fosters with her couples is the kind found between friends which means you will be sent off on your married way by someone as stoked about your union as you are. Her couples can well attest to this with oodles of glowing recommendations ready for your perusal. Pop on over here to find out more about Jess.
Location: Tweed Valley, NSW

“Where has old mate Monty gone?” Is one of the phrases celebrant Monty hears on the reg. He gets to know his couples so well that he is more often than not mistaken for one of the guests. If you’re all about legendary connections like this, best give Monty (aka the mood maker aka the tone-setter) a holla. His ceremonies typically run for a sweet 15 minutes which means no boring bits, plenty of fun and a whip crack or two. You can catch Monty and his rad boots working magic via Bec & Max’s Country NSW wedding here or get in contact here.
Location: Hunter Valley, NSW

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