It never ceases to amaze us what a little flour and water, along with some elbow grease and a bucket load of creativity can produce! There are so many amazingly awesome ideas for cakes nowadays, we thought we best set about rounding a few up for you.

The cake above, shot by our friends at Gui Jorge wedding photography, has to be one of our faves, simple enough to make at home, it’s capped off with a Goose Grease cake topper and a bit of handy DIY work for the mini tassel garland. Whilst we didn’t make this particular cake, we did make one just like it and you can find all the step-by-step DIY details in issue two of Hello May magazine, available for purchase here with FREE postage.

After something a little more complicated? Plenty of inspiration can be found below, whether it be a stack of cheese wheels topped off with fresh blooms, a single tier covered in coconut or a giant mountain of lamington squares, eliminating the need for any pesky cake cutting (Seriously! Does it get more Australian than that!). And who doesn’t love a good lamington!

Victorian brides, we highly recommend you check out the work of Sticky Fingers Bakery. Not only do these lovely ladies bake a pretty darn awesome cake, but it’s delivered to your door with a playlist of songs that your cake was baked to! Awesome? Yeah we think so too.

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