They say people who love cake are the best kind of people (at least that’s what we tell ourselves) and today we’re all kinds of excited to bring you this digital feast exploding with flavours. From three-tiered sponge cakes to five story cheese towers (like the one featured above photographed by And A Day Photography), this selection of mouth-watering treats will have you craving something sweet, or savoury if that’s your style, in no time.

The best part about these tasty pictures, captured by some of our all time favourite photographers, is that they offer something a little out of the ordinary. Not a huge fan of flowers or fancy cake toppers? Like the image below, captured by Gui Jorge Photography, why not use a spread of different kinds of fruit for decoration instead – lemons, berries, figs, grapes, dried apricots – whatever you’ve got in your pantry or fridge really!

We hope these images go some way in helping you find inspiration for your own day of good times – a day that will now be filled with citrus fruits, beautiful blooms and tonnes of icing. After all, weddings are about celebrating the sweeter things in life. Looking for a cake topper that expresses just such a sentiment? Check out From The Owl and Grain and Co.

wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert2 wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert3 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert15 wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert4 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert6 wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert5 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert2 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert3 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert4 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert5 wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert7 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert7 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert8 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert9 wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert9 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert10 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert12 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert13 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert14 wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert11 wedding-cake-different-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert12 cool-wedding-cake-ideas-fruit-flowers-succulents-dessert11

CREDITS Photos And A Day Photography // Gui Jorge Photography // Clair Estelle // Stories by Ash // Beck Rocchi // Sarah Williams Photographer // Daniel Milligan Photography // J. Crew Photography // Mavis W. Photography // Nectarine Photography // J. Crew Photography // Bird + Lion // Gui Jorge Photography // Heart and Colour // Skipping Stone Photography // Jess Jackson // Paula O’Hara Photography // Sarah Williams Photographer // Still Love // Julian Beattie // Scott Surplice Photography // Jess Jackson (cake by Hansel and Gretel, cake topper by Communicake It)