Listen carefully. Can you hear that? It’s your stomach crying out for something sweet. You’re on a diet? Well we’re here to sabotage all your good work by introducing you to some of the tastiest treats going round, in particular this delicious looking strawberry naked cake, featured above and made by the good folk of Sweet Bones Company and photographed by Hello May faves The Robertsons.

If you follow us on Instagram you will also know we are currently digging the idea of a mountain of donuts in lieu of a wedding cake. Perhaps not quite as pretty as some of your other, more traditional cakes but as they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But if you’re too afraid of turning into Homer Simpson, there are plenty of other options available – everything from chocolate and strawberry sponge cakes to simply styled buttercream cakes. Or you could stick with a traditional fruit cake, beautifully decorated with delicate, fresh blooms.

If like us, you feel like you need to try before you buy why not try and make our Naked Wedding Cake, or visit our Directory and get in touch with some of our favourite cake vendors.

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