When we say we have a treat for you this Friday, we really mean it, guys! This sweet, sweet feature is packed with wedding cake inspiration that will leave you salivating. One of the best things about weddings (along with the dancing, loved-up feels, fun-filled atmosphere and free booze) is of course the cake! Whether it’s an epic three-tier sponge cake, an Aussie-inspired lamington tower (see a Stacy Brewer speciality below) a structural masterpiece with ruffles and layers, or a simple but delightful pav, wedding cakes are always a surefire way to please your guests.

We’ve been squirreling away some of our favourite delish designs, and thought it about time we share the sweetness! You’ll find inspo for cake toppers, dreamy colour combos and florals for days. If ‘more is more’ is the kind of vibe you subscribe to, you’re bound to find Torte by Mirijana‘s cakes (captured in action by Finder Seeker) above a real winner. A lover of dried fruit naked cakes? Take a peep at Miss Ladybird Cake’s creation below (with thanks to Maegan Brown Moments for the snaps). Want a showstopping centrepiece? We are OBSESSED with Butter ‘s dreamy blackberry number (and the epic pics by Sarbo Studio).

Whatever your budget, theme and location, we’ve got you sorted with dessert inspiration on your big day. You can check out more wedding cake ideas here, here and here. You know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. So enough from us! Scroll down for a visual feast and to find the talented humans responsible for these creations as well as the good folk behind the lens.

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