Wow. Where to start? High school sweet hearts and all round lovely human beings, Kirsten and Daniel, recently tied the knot in the glorious Byron bay Hinterland. Kirsten and Daniel got down and dirty with many a DIY activity in the lead up to their big day but also enlisted the help of some of the Mid North Coasts and Queensland’s most creative vendors. The culmination of these efforts is what you see before you… one hell of a awesome party shot by our friends at Feather & Stone Photography!

Let’s start with the flowers shall we! boy-oh boy, our eyes nearly popped out of our head when we saw these bad boys! Just where did the inspiration come from? Kirsten says “I got a lot of inspiration from my Nan who has always been a passionate gardener and watching her over the years showed me not to do whatever everyone else was doing. Estelle from The French Petal got my vision from the start. She is absolutely divine, she calls herself the flower fairy, and my word is she ever!” All for giving props where props are due Kirsten adds “I do also have to thank Pinterest.” Don’t we all!

Now what of that heart shaped sign that seemed to have multiple uses through out the day? Kirsten explains “to be honest I cant remember how we came up with the idea, I think we were at home mucking around building random items (we tend to do that sort of thing) and stumbled upon the idea. It represented a few different things, obviously that we came together to stand as one during our ceremony. My nan and pop actually built it with us, painted it and transported it through the floods up to byron bay for our wedding.”

And the food? Kirsten tells us “people still rave about the food, it was phenomenal! Che (from The Figtree) was outstanding he knew that we were dying to have the soft shell crab, so he made us a plate and came and found us personally throughout the crazy day to make sure we got some!” But Che can’t take all the credit. Kirsten’s Nan made her famous caramel slice as dessert and Kirsten tells us she “caught people stuffing it into bags and pockets at the end of the night, it really is that good!” It’s sentimental touches like this, along with the fact Daniel carried a fob watch and letter, left to him by his late father, that really make up the special moments of the day!

Kirsten and Daniel tell us their celebrant, Chiquita Mitchell and Woody’s Surf Car Hire, with their awesome dusty blue/green kombi, were also stand out vendors… but our favourite detail of the day? The fact they flew their dog Isobel up from Melbourne for the wedding!!! She stood by them through out the entire day. And when the lawn games were finished and glasses were raised and it was time for Kirsten and Daniel to take to the dance floor, Isobel, ever the loyal K9, braved the rain with her two favourite humans and they danced the night away.

Big thanks to Kirsten and Daniel for sharing your rather wonderful wedding day with us!

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CREDITS Photos Feather & Stone Photography // Bridal gown La Sposa via Bernadette Pimenta Couture // Rings Michael Hill // Shoes Jelly Beans // Flowers The French Petal // Bridesmaids dress Life With Bird // Grooms suit Jack London // Grooms shoes Converse // Groomsmans suit Jack London // Bow ties Dr Denim // Ceremony and reception Byron View Farm // Catering The Figtree // Cake The Cake That Ate Paris // Ready Go via Etsy // Furniture hire The One Day House // On the day stylist Fresh Honey Weddings // Custom Mexican flags AyMujer via Etsy // Guestbook Typo // Lawn Games Byron Bay Weddings // Rugs and blankets Ishka // Invitations DIY by the bride // Hair Ron Snodgrass // Makeup Alex Ouston // Entertainment North Coast Events // Celebrant Chiquita Mitchell // Transport Woody’s Surf Car Hire.