We have a bit of a special one for you today folks. The lovely Loz and Shock recently tied the knot at breathtaking Gunyah Valley Retreat, over 100 acres of Australian bush that has been in Loz’s family since the 1800s.

Super lovely (in a you would be terribly fortunate to have her as your wedding photographer kind of way, Lucy, of Lucy Spartalis Photography fame, tells us “Loz + Shock’s wedding was truly incredible – like a mini music festival in the bush. The Bendigo landscape was the perfect setting, the golden afternoon sun beamed through the gumtrees, and every little detail was carefully designed to reflect the bubbly, delightful nature of this adorable couple. So much of their personalities was on show – their love story was even included in their invitation so everyone could catch up on missed details. Shock’s family had all travelled from Ireland to be there, and everyone mixed so perfectly and got the party going straight away. They danced all night to a gypsy folk band under the shelter of huge Tipikata tee pees… it was a photographer’s dream.”

Loz tell us the whole shebang was one massive DIY. “When you plan a wedding that is situated in the middle of 100 acres of bush, with no access to electricity or running water, prepare yourself to have to organise absolutely everything. Generators, toilets, water for food and cleaning up, rubbish collection, lighting?you get the picture. But there was also fun stuff and we had the bestest ever team of family and friend helpers who were hell bent on making our day as close to perfect as we could get.”

Loz married her Irish chap in a gorgeous Joanne Fleming Design. Loz says “after a couple of attempts at finding a relaxed, simple and elegant with a nod to the 50s  I realised that nothing was causing my heart to flutter as much as the dress I had spotted online by British designer Joanne Fleming. I knew there was a boutique in Auckland that stocked her designs, but it seemed a bit extreme to cross the Tasman for a dress! I almost considered having a dress made until I realised that a mini-holiday to Auckland with my mum and the cost of the dress was actually less than having a dress made locally. I contacted Kerry at Primrose and Finch and she was so helpful that we didn’t need to think twice  we booked our flights for the next weekend. We had a lovely time meeting Kerry and I knew as soon as I was swathed by all that vintage white dupion silk and tulle that it was the ultimate party dress for me. The fact that mum and I got a gorgeous mother / daughter holiday out of it was the best part of all—

Lucy has teamed up with fellow creative (and rather talented cinematographer) Alastair Innes to form She Takes Pictures He Makes Films and their powers combined make for one hell of a talented team you would be lucky to have photograph and film your wedding! Click here to see the awesome video from Loz and Shocks wedding and here to see more of their handy work.

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CREDITS Photos Lucy Spartalis Photography // Cinematography She Takes Pictures He Makes Films // Bridal gown Joanne Fleming Design // Shoes Wittner // Flowers The Eternal Vase // Flowergirls Origami via MYER // Grooms suit Calibre // Grooms shoes Blaq // Ceremony and reception Gunyah Valley Retreat // Teepee Tipikata // Catering The Paella Pan Melbourne // Cake Cherry Blossom Cakes // Stationery Emma Brennan // Hair and makeup Jools for Jim // Grooms shave Shed 7 // Celebrant Maree Livy.