While we have tightly held onto this wedding for publication in our digital magazine we couldn’t possibly wait til December 1 to share it with you so we thought we might upload a sneak peak of this special day captured on film, or pixels, as technology would have it, by the fabulous Justin Aaron. We’ve been a fan of Justin’s work for a few years now. His respect for the world around him along with an unwavering passion for photography grants him the ability to look beyond cheesy poses and forced smiles and capture what’s really going on. You can literally feel the happiness seeping out of his soft and beautifully framed images.

Now we’d love to tell you more about the happy couple – record label manager Em and editor turned soon-to-be graphic designer Tim – but you are just going to have to wait until December 1 to find out all the details of this handmade wedding. In the meantime here are a couple of photos to tide you over…

Wedding_lace-dress_red-and-white_Garden1 Wedding_lace-dress_red-and-white_Garden2 Wedding_lace-dress_red-and-white_Garden3

CREDITS Photography: Justin Aaron Photography // Dress: Custom made by Kitsch Bitsch // Necklace: Nanna’s Vintage Pearls // Rings: Sydney Antique Centre // Suit: Tweedmans, UK // Tie: EnVie72 // Ceremony: Centennial Park, Sydney