Issue 12 wasn’t Aleisha’s first time being featured in our magazine. Funnily enough, she wrote an article on The Art of Being a Bridesmaid’ in our very first issue! As a Hello May alumni, former wedding planner and stylist for Melbourne’s Georgeous Occasions and the current brains behind hire and styling company, Lucy Chase, we knew for certain that Aleisha and Simon (lovingly known as Rolly) would have an upper hand in the wedding planning world.

Held on the bride’s family property in New Zealand, the pair tells us they wanted a day that was intimate, special and very them’. £Home felt like a very natural choice for us. I needed complete flexibility that I knew other venues would not be able to give me. Overall it was very organic and real,— explains Aleisha, who £doesn’t even know where to start— with listing all of her DIY projects.

£It sounds ridiculous but remember this is what I do for a living?— says Aleisha, who gathered up a capable crew of friends and family (along with some awesome vendors like I Got You Babe Weddings)to help make her vision come to life. Chairs were imported while tables, plywood bars, festoon supports and a kids tipi were custom made, candles were poured, place cards were printed? the whole she-bang!

But it was Aleisha’s mum who was the real star of the do-it-yourself spectacle. £The flowers were my mum’s baby. I had mentioned about my dream of growing all our own wildflowers for the wedding. I was not a fan of many local wholesale options and was strongly opposed to anything imported. With me being based in Melbourne, Mum took it upon herself to grow 800 plants from seed and then dug them into the forest floor to appear as if they had just grown there. Her dedication blew my mind,— Aleisha tells us, though we must admit her incredible luck while dress shopping blew us away as well (and accessory hunting – ahem, Bo and Luca).

£On a winter weekender with a few girlfriends we went vintage shopping in Tyabb. The girls found a beautiful white skirt and begged me to try it on. As soon as it was on everything made sense. I paid the $35 and it was bundled into a brown bag,— she says, adding that Orton Catering were true standout vendors. £On the day, they went above and beyond. Rolly’s nana could not believe the lovely waitress knew she only drinks whiskey! They were faultless.—

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