Alexis and Dane, one of our much loved couples from issue eight, had worked tirelessly in the lead up to their wedding, hoping to create a day that everyone would enjoy. So when Mother Nature tried to sabotage their grand plans, they (meaning their vendors) immediately prepared for battle.£The day before our wedding we had 40 degree heat as the poor florists worked all day and well into the night constructing our beautiful ceiling. The heat of the day broke about 8pm and unleashed a wild wind storm—, says Alexis.

£We were at our rehearsal dinner at Wharf Rd Restaurant & Bar when branches started flying about some of which landed on a few of the wedding guest’s cars. Unbeknownst to us, back at the property, Michelle and the girls at Shady Fig were desperately trying to keep our marquee and all their hard work from flying away! Luckily [photographer] Dan O’Day had popped by for a site visit and assisted or we may have returned back to Merribee sans marquee.—

The following day, they woke to overcast skies and forecasts of rain. Luckily, their marquee was not only intact but looking rather lovely. £For the theme we kept it simple but romantic  natural wood tones, pops of soft white flowers and green foliage with handmade details our guests would appreciate—, says Alexis who can’t say enough good things about their vendors, including their cinematographers The White Tree.

£They all went above and beyond the call of duty and honestly treated us like family.— Others chipped in too, with Dane’s late mother’s friend sewing 150 metres of bunting while the same women who helped Alexis find her gorgeous Lover gown made wooden signs and helped bake 120 cookies to have on the midnight snack table’. Together they turned Merribee, a historic property just a few hours south of Sydney, into a heavenly jungle filled with loads of fine details.

Believe it or not Dane’s favourite part of the day had nothing to do with decorations (or their incredible cake for that matter!) £My obvious favourite moment was watching Lex looking amazing and full of emotion, walk down the aisle—, he says adding that being thrown onto the shoulders of their friends and family at the end of the night was a huge highlight. £It was pretty impressive… we got to look down on the crowd having an absolute blast.—

Along with those magical, impromptu moments, Alexis reminds other couples that it’s the heartfelt added extras which guests admire most. £Remember that your guests won’t care about your glassware but will notice a nice handwritten note or a good bottle of red, spend your money where it really counts. Have a clear vision of the wedding you want then spend time researching it. Don’t fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole.—

If you love Alexis’s Lover gown as much as we do make sure you check out their latest White Magick collection featured here. Or to see their heart melting video by The White Tree click here.

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CREDITS Photos Dan O’Day // Bridal gown Lover // Veil Helen English // Shoes Tony Bianco // Flowers Shady Fig // Rings Hardy Brothers // Bridesmaids dresses Nicholas via Splice Boutique // Groom and groomsmen suits Briggins // Grooms shoes R.M. Williams // Ceremony and reception Merribee, NSW // Catering Garnish Catering // Cake Elegant Eats // Styling It’s Me Jenb // Stationery The Distillery // Hair Naoki Hair and Beauty Boutique // Makeup Chereine Waddel // Music Pinnacle Entertainment // Celebrant Craig Moran // Cinematography The White Tree // Tables Timbermill Rentals // Furniture Decor of Distinction // Marquee, plates, cutlery and glassware South Coast Party Hire.