First featured in Issue 11, Alice and Jules stuck to their guns from the beginning and instead of worrying about other people’s opinions they created a day that reflected them and the people (and pets) they cherish most.

£We are so glad that we did everything they way we wanted,— says Alice. £Having our dog, Preston (who is our little fur-baby) be our ring bearer and run down the aisle to us in his little bow tie was just so special!—

Taking place at an old butter factory in central Victoria, Alice says their venue, aptly named Butterland, was the first and last place they visited. £We DEFINITELY did not want a stock standard wedding venue with a set menu and standard styling. Butterland allowed us to create something truly unique to us.—

Owners Greg and Katie (also the owner of Katie Marx Flowers) even allowed them to bring along their own vintage caravan which doubled as a bar.

£I had inherited the 1969 Millard Caravan from my grandparents. My grandpa Ross passed away a few years ago, and after having many family holidays in the van from about the age of five, plus many road trips together with Jules and our dog Preston, it holds a lot of special memories. Having the van there made it feel like he was a part of the day,— says Alice who, in running with their unintentional family theme, also wore her mother’s wedding dress.

£I remember trying it on from about the age of 10 and wanting to wear it on my wedding day. I love the stunning vintage lace but the shape just didn’t suit me. Luckily I was recommended an amazing dressmaker? she worked wonders! It felt so special to be able to wear the dress that my mum wore, and hope that it will be passed on to the next generation!—

Sweet, sentimental moments aside (all of which were beautifully captured by Alex of Motta Weddings) their day, says Alice, was all about the music.

£The band was the hardest to find, as we didn’t want a standard wedding band. I always wanted an Indian band with a tabla and sitar, and Jules wanted a bluegrass band to match the country venue. Then Jules found our band, BluGuru (who were incredible and absolutely set the tone for the night) on the net and they just happened to be an Indian/bluegrass band!— Sounds like a great compromise to us, which is what marriage is all about right?

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