Though newlyweds Alicia and Wei Xiong (first featured in Issue 12) joke that being married means no longer parting ways after a night out (they hadn’t been living together prior to tying the knot), they say it also signifies so much more. £It’s the start of us finally building our lives together, succeeding, failing and dreaming together.—

Having gotten engaged after nine love-filled years together, Alicia and Wei Xiong’s year long engagement included lots of planning, a heck of a a lot of Google spreadsheets with £like 239,048 tabs—, tonnes of awesome vendors (like Peep Designs, The Details Co. and Dann Event Hire) and a fair amount of DIY. Everything from setting up the poles for the lighting to drawing the napkin design and creating favours for the guests was organised by the bride and groom themselves!

£The confetti was DIY too, and maybe we just didn’t get enough anti-static spray or something, as a whole clump ended up hitting Wei Xiong’s eye during the recessional, haha!— Alicia explains, admitting she had a difficult time choosing her bridal gown.

£I went to almost 10 bridal shops and tried on a few dresses but did not like any of them. I am so thankful for Pinterest as I found many wedding gowns that I fell in love with. After almost three months of hunting for the best dress, I decided to get it done by a tailor in Malaysia,— says Alicia, who looked up a few venues online before deciding to have their special day at a friend’s gorgeous rural Victorian farm.

£We knew we didn’t want to be restricted by the limitations of a venue, as beautiful as some are. We just needed a blank canvas. We really wanted people to be relaxed and keep things simple. It was already such a beautiful place, we didn’t need to do much to it.—

While Alicia and Wei Xiong confess that it’s a real challenge to pick one favourite memory from the day, they recognise that seeing each other for the first time at the aisle was a standout moment for sure… a statement that legend photographer Mitch Pohl definitely agrees with.

£For me, by far, the biggest highlight was the ceremony. It was one of the strongest and most loving ceremonies I’ve ever been to. These two seriously love each other so much and their passion for both each other and for God is powerfully beautiful.—

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CREDITS Photos Mitch Pohl Photography // Bridal gown Yes I Do // Robe Cotton On Body // Shoes Vincci // Accessories Lovisa // Rings Pieces of Eight // Bridesmaids dresses Asos, Zalora and Forever 21 // Bridesmaid gifts Muji // Suit P.Johnson Tailors // Shoes Aquila // Socks and groomsmen outfits Uniqlo // Watch Daniel Wellington // Groomsmen Asos // Groomsmen gifts Aussie Disposals // Event Planner/Stylist The Details Co. // Florist Bunched Together // Stationery The Make Lab // Ceremony and reception Kulaba West Farm, VIC // Cake and other desserts Fig & Salt // Wedding favours Peep Designs // Furniture hire Dann Event Hire // Cinematographer Adrianyap.Co.