Giving hot for teacher’ a whole new meaning, Alyssa and Yusuke (both molders of young minds) tied the knot at beautiful Peace Park in North Sydney. £We have been to our fair share of weddings over the last few years – none of them being an outdoor wedding however, which is the main reason why we chose to host our reception at Peace Park. We love being different and wanted to create a unique experience for our guests.— (First featured in our annual Real Wedding Special).

A unique experience it was, the day featured 40 mini half-naked cakes, gorgeous decor (including wine bottles, cheese boards and festoon lights galore) and some of the best damn blooms we ever did see by Hanako Floral Designs. £Our favourite detail would have to be the floral arrangements inside the teepee. When Yusuke and I first walked into the tents, we both gasped – it was so beautiful! Hanako’s florals were stunning. We couldn’t stop staring,— says Alyssa, who had been eyeing the Valentina’ dress by Grace Loves Lace for quite some time.

£I was introduced to the designer by Yusuke! He found them on Instagram one day and said these dresses are so you!’. I attended a trunk show in Sydney (before I was even engaged) and tried on five. They were all stunning, but I definitely knew that the Valentina’ was for me. So when I got engaged, I just ordered it and the rest was easy,— explains the bride, adding that she and Yusuke were £super stoked— about the whole day.

£We loved every moment of it, and still cannot stop talking about how fun, beautiful and unique it was. We really just enjoyed spending the day with all of our closest friends and loved how involved our friends were in building the excitement leading up to the day, helping with the setup and adding to the chilled out vibe of our wedding.—

Now that things are finally locked down, these newlyweds are enjoying the true bliss that is holy matrimony, telling us that marriage is all about encouraging each other in everything they do. And they mean EVERYTHING. £That includes hunting for Pokemon (Yusuke) and spending money on Spell dress, after Spell dress, after Spell dress… but in all honesty, I’m just so excited that I’ve married my best friend. We’re just keen to do life together!—

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CREDITS Photographer Alex Carlyle // Florist and Flower Crown Hanako Floral Designs // Ceremony Venue Belrose Uniting Church, NSW // Reception Venue Oxford Falls Peace Park, NSW // Catering Food Stuff // Furniture Hire Vintage Patina // Lighting and Teepee Katalane // Celebrant Liam Chapman // Bridal Gown Designer Grace Loves Lace // Shoes Billini // Hair and Makeup Chloe Grace // Bridesmaid Dresses Spell and the Gypsy Collective // Groom and Groomsmen Suits Politix // Suspenders Rodger David // Shoes Windsor Smith // Barber Benicky and Sons.