Clearly a man who likes to get things done, Brian tells us of his proposal to Amanda, “I proposed to Amanda when she came to Ireland for the second time in November 2012. It was the fourth time we had met in person and four months since we first met.”

“I said yes!’ in an instant to the man of my dreams”, says Amanda who straightaway approached Simplethings Press to design their wedding invitations and Lauren Campbell to capture their day of good times. Choosing to have their photos early Amanda tells us, “Having our photos before the ceremony was so special. The stillness of the afternoon as the sun came through the clouds, and anticipation of the evening ahead was magical.”

Married at the Garden’s House, nestled inside Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens, Amanda and Brian decided to keep their styling simple. Built in 1856 their charming venue, catered by veteran chef Peter Rowland only needed a few minor additions. Amanda designed their menu cards, place cards and seating chart while Pomp and Splendour worked their magic putting together some elegant floral arrangements. And if you’re wondering about their divine looking dessert, that was the work of Cake Ink, a creative team also based in Melbourne.

And while their focus was on good food and music, we can’t help but talk about her Collette Dinnigan gown instead. “I absolutely adore my dress; it was the first item I bought in preparation for the wedding. I was lucky enough to find it after trying on only a handful of others. It is a Collette Dinnigan piece made of French silk lace, and one of only twenty-five which makes it even more special.”

At the time Amanda probably didn’t realise just quite how lucky she was. Collette Dinnigan has since made a polite exit from the wedding world, and now there are only a number of her gorgeous gowns left – and we know where to find them, just simply click here. To also find out more about the extraordinary Lauren Campbell make sure you check her out here on our directory. This woman is the bee’s knees when it comes to wedding photography. Trust us.

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