You may remember Amber and Beck from their Valentine’s Day styled shoot turned engagement session with Jess Jackson and Erin of Hope and Lace a while back. If not, here’s a quick re-cap: Amber painted a banner which read “Will you spend forever with me?” and had Erin set it up at the top of the stairs, unbeknownst to Amber and, of course, Beck.

“Erin arrived to say she had a surprise for us and that we need to close our eyes before we walked into the bar (genius). When we got to the top of the stairs we walked Beck into the bar, in eye sight of the banner (I had my eyes open!) and we asked her to open her eyes. She found me on one knee proposing!!”

Lucky for Amber and Beck, they landed on one place to tick ceremony, reception and catering off their to-do list – Aquila Cafe Bar. “It was the only venue we saw and we loved it straight away. Very industrial with lots of space, the food and wine is amazing! There we no second guessing once we tried the halloumi bread!”

Going for an ultra-fun vibe, the couple recruited Jess and Erin once again, along with some other great vendors like Autumn Grove, to help make their special day come alive.

“We wanted it to be a party to celebrate us and bringing our friends and family together. We wanted it to be simple but with a wow factor (hence the tree from Autumn Grove). We decided on cocktails with a band, and minimal traditional segments in the day. Everything happened early on in the evening to ensure there was lots of time to dance!”

Having created a a day fit for a fairytale, Amber and Beck say that marriage truly means everything to them. “To proudly say this is my wife makes us feel complete. Although this isn’t a legal’ marriage it make no difference to us. We feel every bit married, Erin Woodhall helped create this! It is also a bit of fun when people ask if we are sisters and we can say ‘er no this is my wife!'”

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CREDITS Photos Jess Jackson // Bridal gowns Sass and Bide and Nicholas // Hair piece Kookai and Collette // Shoes Nine West // Rings Angus and Coote // Event planner / Stylist Hope and Lace // Florist Aurora Floral Studio // Stationery Ivy Invite // Ceremony, reception and catering Aquila Cafe Bar, QLD // Cake Chester Street Bakery // Cake topper Ingranied // Decorative elements Autumn Grove // Wedding favours Frankies Scent and Gingerbread by Design // Entertainment Dan McGahan Music // Celebrant Erin Woodhall.