With hopes of having a celebration that was “more than a wedding”, Ana and Guillem wanted things to be done their own way, on their own time.

“We wanted to create a celebration with our closest friends and family so not really through a theme but through the way we see the world: funny, natural, easygoing, fresh and young environment.”

Held at L’Avellana in Spain, the couple was in contact with photographer Raquel Benito about getting some beautiful Parisian photos taken when they happened upon videographers A&Y Videography.

“A couple of coincidences in the city of love or maybe the destiny lead us to have both teams in our wedding after spending great moments and having also an spectacular video and awesome pictures from Paris,” explains Ana, a graphic designer by trade who created all of the menus, invitations and logos for her special day.

Having tried to create a typical family event, Ana and Guillem incorporated the normal home dishes they’d cook and eat on Sundays.

“We had appetisers like cockles, mussels or chips followed by fideuûø (typical catalan noddles ‘paella’), Spanish ‘jamûòn’ and finally desserts based on’£profiteroles’ (little cream pastries),” the newlyweds tell us, adding that their main goal was to get all of their loved ones together in one place – a goal that was surely achieved.

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CREDITS Photos Raquel Benito Photography // Bridal gown Gemma Sender // Flower crown Eliurpû? // Robes / getting read tees Kavra de Fomentera // Lingerie Woldford // Shoes ESSKA and Bensimon // Makeup Laia Martin Makeup // Rings Aina Joies via Etsy // Shirt Salvatore Piccolo // Pants Mason’s // Tie / Bow tie Roda // Shoes MUROEXE // Watch Breitling // Florist 5floristeria // Stationery and signage Supercaligrafica // Ceremony and reception L’Avellana, Spain // Catering Cal Blay // Wedding favours Papabubble // Lighting / sound hire Discomovil Tarragona // Cinematographer A&Y Videography.