By now you must know how excited we get every time Perth wedding photographer Still Love’s name appears in our inbox. They have a truly wonderful way of capturing people’s emotions that makes our hearts sing. Combine their talents with bride Ana’s beautifully handmade bunting and a giant Jenga set and you’ve got yourself one hell of a wedding.

“We both always wanted a casual, farm style wedding. We tried to stay clear of most wedding traditions and just keep true to our relaxed personalities. We stocked up on plenty of good wine, and served canapû?s and pizza throughout the night with rustic cafû? style cakes”, says Ana of their day held at the historic Alverstoke Farm in Western Australia.

Fortunately, the rain that had forced the ceremony inside eventually subsided and guests were able to enjoy some time outside the 166 year old cottage before Ana and Tarun returned for the reception, where Tarun’s niece gave a heartwarming speech. Ana, who wore a breathtaking Grace Loves Lace gown tells us, “Tarun’s gorgeous seven year old niece Ursula began opening speeches with the line from the Princess Bride: £Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today. Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam.—

With gorgeous flowers and styling by Maminkwink and a fabulous honeymoon to boot, Ana and Tarun certainly met the brief for pulling off a fabulous wedding that they will certainly remember many moons from now.

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CREDITS Photos Still Love // Bridal gown Grace Loves Lace // Shoes Hobbs Shoes // Flowers and styling Maminkwink // Rings Keshett and Etsy // Jewellery Free People and Child of Wild // Bridemaids dresses Free People // Grooms suit Simon Carter // Grooms shoes Clarks // Bow ties and suspenders Scotch and Soda // Ceremony and reception Alverstoke Farm, WA // Catering Bella Pitsa and The Singing Chef // Cakes Corica Pastries and The Glory Box Wedding Cakes // Stationery HartlandBrooklyn via Etsy // Hair Shelley Oswald (Tony & Guy, Cottesloe) and South West Makeup Artists // Makeup Priscilla Waddell // Celebrant Penny Champ.