Anna and George’s Auckland wedding was anything but ordinary. Having booked in Claire from One Lovely Day from the start, the two had long been a fan of her work and knew she’d create one heck of a wedding day.

“I had worked on a few of her weddings and styled shoot and loved everything she touches! I knew I wanted a elegant styled farm wedding, that was as functional as it was beautiful,” explains Anna, who admits it’s “so hard to choose” just one favourite element from the day. “It’s a tie between our dessert wall and the handblown glass pendants over the bridal table,” she tell us.

The dessert wall, an epic DIY project made by the groom and inspired by his wicked sweet tooth with stacked high with yummy treats from Blank Canvas Catering. “I didn’t want the traditional dessert table that everyone has been doing so we came up with the concept of a dessert wall, with floating shelves to display an array of desserts,” says George.

A much simpler conquest was that of finding the perfect gown. Though she tried a few other shops first, Anna knew she’d find ‘the one’ at Hello May fave Rue De Seine. “I wanted something with a little boho vibe but some classic elements. So the split up the front with and the headpiece tick the boho and the 2 meter French lace covered the classic element I was looking for.”

A wedding full of great tunes, amazing eats and one lovely couple – we’re super glad that photographer Coralee Stone was there to capture all the magic. Anna says, “She captured absolutely everything and more, and I barely noticed she was there! My two favorite photographs are of moments I didn’t even know she was there.”

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CREDITS Photos Coralee Stone Photography // Bridal gown, veil and hair piece Rue De Seine // Robes / getting read tees Piyama via Etsy // Shoes The Iconic // Accessories Walker and Hall // Hair Snow by Samantha Snow // Makeup Kiri O’Brien // Rings Naveya & Sloane // Bridesmaid dresses Miss Crabb // Bridesmaid gifts Country Road // Groom and groomsmen suits, ties and shoes Rembrandt // Socks Barkers // Event planner / Stylist, florist, stationery and bar One Lovely Day // Stationery Minted // Ceremony and reception Private property, NZ // Catering The Great Catering Company // Cake and other desserts Blank Canvas Catering // Marquee / teepee Schupepe Tents // Lighting hire La Lumiere // Entertainment Lee Gray and Flash Gordon.