For these two lovebirds, it happened just the way INXS said it would. “I was standing/You were there/Two worlds collided/ And they could never tear us apart”.

You see, Ashleigh and Shaun met randomly at a running group. He was wearing a turkey beanie and check pants and told her how he did fire twirling and lived in a van – and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The couple often collect shells along the beach together, so Shaun decided to propose to Ash by placing the ring in his hand and taking a few shells from their collection at home. He quickly walked over to Ash to show her what he’d found. “Oh my gosh you’ve found someone’s ring!”, she said. By the time she looked up Shaun was down on one knee.

From these dreamy photos taken by talented photographer Courtney Holloway, it’s so obvious these two were destined to be together. We can’t wait to know what happens next!

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CREDITS Photos Courtney Holloway.