You may remember quirky pair Aurora and Sam from the Real Wedding Special, who didn’t quite stick to the usual template of who to invite’ to their big day… Immediate family, check. Besties, check. Crazy drunk aunt, check. Bill Murray? wait, what?!

£We invited Bill Murray to our wedding,— explains Aurora, whose dream was for the renowned Ghostbuster to be in attendance on her big day. £I asked Sam if we could invite Bill about a minute after the proposal? Unfortunately, Bill never showed up but I still have high hopes that I’ll meet him one day!—

While Mr. Murray couldn’t make it to the wedding, Aurora’s posh nan from England made the overseas trek and didn’t hesitate
to jump on the temporary tattoo bandwagon.

£My favourite moment was when my very classy and traditional English grandmother put a temporary tattoo on her cleavage and went around showing everyone,— says Aurora, whose laid-back and super fun vision certainly came to life, especially when everyone saw the epic dessert buffet that included, not one, but FOUR, cakes.

Captured by Through The Woods We Ran (formerly Still Love), Aurora and Sam’s celebration was inspired by festivals and carnivals – a vision brought to life by a boatload of amazing vendors, including Off On My Bicycle, Micktric Events and 503 Films. This duo opted for lots of colour, vintage style bunting, hundreds of handmade paper cranes, and a gorgeous dance floor made up of Persian rugs that got fully taken advantage of.

£It looked so amazing, and I never realised the extent of our friends and families dance moves until they hit the d-floor,— says Aurora, though amazing elements weren’t hard to come by at this celebration.

Aurora’s one-of-a-kind bridal gown was a real looker as well. Custom made by Sydney-based designer Celyna Ziolkowski, she first saw a gold sequinned dress on another bride and tells us, £from that moment no other dress would do!”

Though the gown was flawless, Aurora and Sam acknowledge that marriage might not always be, but they’ll get through thick and thin together. £When something good happens they’ll share your excitement and if something bad happens, they’ll be there as well. Sure, we didn’t need to get married to experience all this? but Aurora wanted to wear a pretty dress, and any opportunity to have a massive party is one we’ll take!—

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