After meeting ‘You’ve Got Mail’ style some years ago, it was love at first sight for Averie and Mel. Living long distance between New York and Sydney, the pair got engaged via Facetime (thank goodness for technology!) and married a mere month later, turning a birthday trip to Hawaii into their wedding.

Steering clear of tradition through and through, the pair “didn’t really book a venue” and kept things quite simple. “We got married on a beautiful beach on the east coast of Oahu in Hawaii. After that we went for dinner at a local Japanese restaurant then had after drinks/dancing in the hotel bar,” they tell us, adding that the day was all about relaxed, fun vibes.

With the bride being an employee of the amazing Folk + Follow, having photographer Phu document their wedding was a no-brainer. “Our photos are the most amazing amazing amazing photos ever. We did this wedding on a whim without any budget and to have someone like Phu fly over and shoot for us was such an incredible thing.”

While the couple advises other couples getting married to just keep it about their love and “have a good time”, Averie and Mel agree that seeing each other for the first time was their favourite memory from the day. Mel explains, “Seeing my bride in her dress for the first time… My mind was blown! She looked like a princess! I am still in shock!”

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CREDITS Photos Folk + Follow // Bridal gown Collezione Santina // Shoes Steve Madden // Accessories Michael Kors // Hair and makeup Kat Margarita // Rings Etsy // Suit J.Crew // Hat Urban Outfitters // Shirt Hanes // Shoes Vans // Watch G.Shock // Florist Passion Roots // Ceremony Makapu’u Beach, USA // Reception The Modern Honolulu, USA // Celebrant I Do Hawaiian Weddings // Transport Dukes Limo.