Home grown lovin’ was the theme for Bec and Pete’s day. An idea that probably made sense, considering they chose Tocal Homstead as their wedding venue – a beautiful, historic site near the Hunter Valley in New South Wales that still operates as a colonial farm. As well, they did almost everything themselves, from collecting jars to making marmalade. “It was fairly hands on!” says Bec.

Judging from these beautiful, candid shots by photographer Mitch Pohl, their efforts and creative ideas certainly paid off. “We wanted a vibrant wedding that was a little bit vintage and a little bit rustic, but most of all we wanted people to be relaxed and enjoy themselves”.

If the speeches didn’t have everyone in stitches, then seeing Bec’s sister close to one of the pigs certainly did. Bec says, “one of the pigs on the farm…decided her Bridesmaid dress looked quite tasty and decided to have a nibble”. Meanwhile others were munching on delicious food from Twine Restaurant and treats from Black Star Pastry.

Then there was Nanna doing burnouts on the dancefloor in her wheelchair, bright bouquets by Caitlin Melling and Bec looking drop dead gorgeous in her Leonard Derecourt gown. For both Bec and Pete, it was the perfect start to a long and lovely life together.

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CREDITS Photos Mitch Pohl Photography // Bridal gown Leonard Derecourt via Still White // Shoes Peep Toe // Flowers Caitlin Melling // Rings Peter Michaelson // Jewellery Glamadonna and Bellagio & Co // Bridesmaids dresses Zara // Grooms and groomsmen suits Jack London // Grooms shoes Ted Baker // Ties The Tie Bar // Ceremony and reception Tocal Homstead, New South Wales // Catering Twine Restaurant Catering and Morpeth Brewing Co. // Cake Black Star Pastry // Decorations The Wedding Designer and Crab Apple Vintage // Hair Chloe Grace // Makeup Renee Rodgers // Music Thieves n Things // Celebrant John Arms.