As one of Australia’s best known wedding photographers, bride Beck has seen it all? every stinkin’ wedding venue, dress and colour palette, serious and timeless in all of their traditional glory. And guess what? She wanted no part in it for her big day. £When we got engaged I knew our wedding had to be a big band, colourful, creative, visual feast for the eyes. It had to be something I had never seen before – nothing like a wedding – the best party ever!—

In order to attain their £colourful Mexican fiesta of love— at Byron Bay’s Gurragawee, Beck and Joel (our cover couple from Issue 12) undertook heaps of DIY projects including a massive watermelon piûñata filled with five bags of confetti, a photo booth backdrop and hand-painting tonnes of pots to hold signage. However, the crafty chaos was not the most difficult part of the wedding by any means?. finding the perfect £unwedding wedding outfit— was.

£I always wanted something totally different but I didn’t know what I wanted! I wanted something colourful and no one has anything on the rack. In the end, I went to my favourite shop – Alice McCall. When I tried on the pink two piece I was in love. It was fun and flattering and suited my body shape! Mum sewed Swarovski crystals all over the front so I was shining like a rainbow,— explains Beck, who admits she had many favourite details from the day captured by fellow photographer and all round nice guy Shane Shepherd, but one in particular was especially fun.

£I organised a surprise flash mob – who busted into dance straight after we smashed the piûñata. 12 hot chicks dancing to Pharrell all choreographed and killing it! It was a surprise for Joelie and he was stoked!!—

While the day also included a Bob Marley Three Little Birds’ sing-a-long, a DIY taco stand (to make your own dream tacos!!), awesome 90’s R&B and the bride doing the worm, not once or twice? but THREE times, we think it’s safe to say that Beck, Joel and their capable crew of suppliers (i.e.Santiago Sunbird,North Coast Events, Lovestruck Weddings and Peachey Pie) really pulled off the whole epic party thing, leaving this bit of advice for other couples planning their wedding…

£Don’t think you have to do anything you don’t want to do. Make it YOUR day and specific to you as a couple! Don’t just do silly traditions if they mean nothing to you! Have the best party ever and try not to stress over the small details!—

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CREDITS Photos Shane Shepherd Photography // Bridal gown and bridesmaid dress Alice McCall // Flower crown Hats Roc // Bride and grooms shoes Amo Store // Accessories Shag Vintage // Hair Nicolas X Morley // Makeup Phoebe Fever // Rings Mania Mania // Bridesmaid dresses Asos // Shirt and bow tie Jack London // Pants Ziggy Denim // Watch TW Steel // Groomsmen gifts Burly Fellow // Event planner Peachey Pie // Florist The French Petal // Stationery and signage Santiago Sunbird // Ceremony and reception Gurragawee, NSW // Catering Anise Catering // Decorative elements ColoresDeMexico via eBay, DiscountPartySupplies via eBay, 5minutesForHome via eBay and Lombard // Prop and furniture hire Lovestruck Weddings and Palace & Co // Lighting / sound hire North Coast Events // Celebrant Karlye Williamson // Transport Soul Surf School // Cinematographer Human Sharkpig.