Exactly one year before their wedding day, Bess and Olly laid eyes on each other for the very first time whilst working at and NGO in Thailand called Destiny Rescue, an organisation who’s focus is on rescuing and rehabilitating children enslaved in brothels. Despite the harsh realities of their work, sparks went flying and they soon fell in love.

Both christians, Bess a nutritionist and dance teacher and Olly a builder, wanted to create a day that honoured their faith as well as their individuality. With that in mind they hired friend and photographer Corey Sleap and embarked on a journey into the world of DIY – creating their own home-brew beer, pompoms, banners and even a flash mob dance tutorial in the form of a DVD wedding invitation.

“The DVD wedding invite included a dance tutorial by Bess…” tells Olly, who was blown away by seeing their guests who had travelled from every corner of the earth, performing the same steps on their wedding night.

“Trying to ship 43 international guests from Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and New Zealand over is no little feat- especially when all Olly’s mates are nomad surfers with no phones or reliable contact”, says Bess who wore a beautiful backless, silk gown that she’d designed herself and had made by Nickermanns Tailoring in Bangkok. “Loved my dress! 100% silk, head beading, ivory, gorgeous and a fifth of the price of most designer dresses!”

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CREDITS Photos Corey Sleap // Bridal gown and grooms suit Nickermanns Tailoring // Flower crown Head Candy // Shoes Wittner // Flowers Tanya Tibben // Rings Filigree // Jewellery Made By Morton // Bridesmaids dresses Forever New and Review // Groom’s Suit Nickermann’s Boutique Tailors // Suspenders H&M // Bow ties Next-Star2008 via Ebay //Ceremony Kyneton Baptist Church, VIC // Reception Kyneton Mechanics Institute, VIC // Catering Angie Lloyd // Hair Seta Williamstown // Pastor Tim Loftis.