With brollies and jackets, Liam walked Beth to a cliff edge overlooking Parlsey Bay while 30 kilometre per hour winds tore around them. Liam was told her to close her eyes and upon opening them Liam was down on one knee with a beautiful ring.

“I screamed mostly due to the relief of not plummeting to my death, but also I had no idea this was even on the cards  we have forever talked about how we didn’t need marriage, that it was a tradition we could live without, and in that split second we had joined the rest of the world schmucks in the painstaking task of wedding planning.”

Held at Miss Traills House and The Walshaw Hall in New South Wales, the list of crazy, unexpected mishaps didn’t look to dissimilar to an episode of Faulty Towers, the couple tell us that some things are just a blessing in disguise, like meeting their photographers It’s Beautiful Here.

“Having only exchanged a small number of emails between us prior to the wedding, they established our vibe right from the start, worked with us and our natural movements of the day,” explains Beth, who rocked her mum’s 80’s wedding gown on the big day.

“It came to my shins and wrists and tied in the middle with a silk sash. It kept so well for the past 30 years wrapped in tissue paper in my mums wardrobe. Both my sister and I had always wanted to wear it – I just got in first,” she tells us, adding that a feeling of comfort and elegance was the couple’s only ‘theme’ and that DIY was a must.

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CREDITS Photos It’s Beautiful Here // Lingerie Calvin Klein // Shoes Stewart Weitzman // Hair Aspire // Ring Rosenrosett Antiques via Etsy and Victory Theatre Antique Centre // Bridesmaid dresses Asos // Suit Brent Wilson // Shirt T.M.Lewin // Bow ties David Jones // Cufflinks and decorative elements Lunatiques // Shoes Zu Shoes // Socks Happy Socks // Watch The Horse // Barber / grooming JustCuts // Stationery Paperless Post // Ceremony Miss Traills House, NSW // Reception The Walshaw Hall, NSW // Prop and furniture hire Vintage Patina and JD Events Bathurst // Lighting hire Acquired Style.