We don’t know about you, but Bodie and Ed blew us away with this here micro wedding by the beach in Noosa. “We would love to completely blame our enemy, COVID, but we were never keen on having a big wedding so an elopement style wedding was always our plan!” Lucky ducks, eh? They are also a funny duo who have a fab meaning of marriage below and we had quite a giggle at their little lol that occurred soon after the proposal. Scroll down for our chat with the happy couple, and the pics by the talented Miranda Stokkel

LITTLE LOLI (Bodie) got stung by a wasp on the way back down the hill from Ed’s proposal and thought it was this terrible omen, as did my Mum who thinks everything has a meaning. She did some research just to make sure I was making the right decision marrying Ed and who knew ‘getting stung by a wasp’ really meant “It’s time to allow yourself the notion that all things are possible, and that you deserve to have all your dreams come true.” Thanks, Google (and Mum) I was never worried!”

THE VENUEWe had been going back and forth on whether to do the wedding in Sydney, where Ed is from (and where we live) or in Noosa where I (Bodes) grew up. The majority of our small wedding group live in QLD and with COVID around we decided to play it safe and do it in a private house in Noosa.”

FAVE DETAILSMy blouse, it was made in two weeks and was the organza silk blouse of my dreams. We loved our floral arrangements and the little buttonholes on the jackets of our ring bearers George and Hugo (Bodes’ nephews) and the flower crown for our flower girl, Sakura (Bodes’ niece).”

DIYWe bought and styled our own ceremony (excluding florals). Ed’s parents became our own personal sommeliers and organised the wine list. Let’s just say there were many tastings before the big day! We also spent the days before the wedding trying and buying all our favourite local produce to have at the venue between the ceremony and our late dinner booking.”

REFERENCES “I’m (Bodes) very lucky to have a best friend who is also an unbelievable wedding photographer, I’m pretty sure we called Miranda the day we got engaged and asked her to shoot our wedding – if you don’t follow her already, go do yourself a favour and book her in advance she is a busy woman!”

MARRIAGE MEANS… “Marriage is being able to agree on the breed of your future dog, the names of your unborn children and what sports they will play without fighting about it. It’s about knowing when the other person needs a nap or a snack and being able to hint that to them tactfully. Marriage is a surprise lemon water made for you in the morning and understanding that your husband is within his rights to enjoy both rapping to Scribe or belting out Tina Turner on any given day.”

A WORD OF ADVICE “Make sure your photographer has a speaker with them for your photos and play some of your favourite music. If you’re like us and don’t love a photoshoot it helps settle the nerves!”

STANDOUT VENDORSMiranda Stokkel, is an absolute LEGEND and we don’t know what we would have done without her. We hate having our photo taken but she made us feel confident, relaxed and we had so much fun! Yukari Botanicals saved the day a week out from the wedding when our other florist fell through. She was fully booked with Mother’s Day on the Sunday and 36 weeks pregnant but the absolute legend nailed the brief and delivered the florals of my dreams. And Beth from I Heart Ceremonies is a superstar!”

CONTRIBUTING VENDORS Photographer Miranda Stokkel Florist Yukari Botanicals Ceremony Private Property Reception Locale Cake Vanilla Food Styling Items Alex & Trahanas (Wine Cooler) Clo Studios (Fasano Ceramiche Pitcher) The Boathouse (Lobster Plate, Bowl & Bottle Opener) Maison Balzac (Candle Holder) Eclectic Style (Vases for Altar) Bedouin Traders (Fisca Candlestick Holder) Marmoset Found (Vase) Celebrant I Heart Ceremonies Custom Engagement Ring & Groom’s Wedding Band Robbie Chapman Jewellery Bride’s Wedding Band Kirstin Ash THE BRIDE Bridal Gown Hansen & Gretel Blouse Custom Rebecca Kaye Pyjamas Le Rose Shoes Senso Accessories S-kin Studio (Earrings) Alana Maria Jewellery (Necklace) Hair Shiralee via Peaches Hair Studio THE GROOM Jacket Joe Black & Pants Country Road Shoes R.M. Williams Watch TSOVET