Just a few weeks before Christmas Briana and Matt (first seen in Issue 12) were on their way out the door to dinner when Matt professed, £I don’t think that I can sit on this any longer—. Briana immediately thought the worst?that Matt had been fired.

£When he got down on one knee, said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and proposed, I was completely disarmed! It was a beautiful moment – it happened under the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights and our two cats were there. Matt seemed really nervous and was very endearing and I was completely surprised.—

Having been living overseas for more than a year in both Vancouver and London in the lead up to the wedding, Briana and Matt were forced to organise just about everything from afar and then flew in just two weeks before the wedding.

£The day was like a reunion, and it really felt like a walk of love on the day,— the couple explains, adding excellent food, free-flowing booze and great tunes were the focus of the day. After finally finding their perfect ceremony venue, event stylists Short & Spook and florist Pomp and Splendour worked their magic to create the fresh, urban oasis the pair had been dreaming of.

£We wanted a stylish yet very relaxed vibe where the day would flow seamlessly from start to end. We wanted the ceremony to feel deep, warm and sincere, reflecting us – not too serious (about life), but still serious about each other, an honest exchange that recognised each other as equals, as partners in life.—

A devoted reader of Hello May, Briana tells us that after seeing Nevenka‘s dresses featured in one of our previous issues she knew almost right away that’s where she’d find her perfect dress. £I ended up with the most stunningly personalised dress, which truly reflected me. I was blown away by the passion and the skill that was poured into my fabulous dress,— says the bride, who attended One Fine Day bridal fair in search of inspiration when she came across Tillee Music.

£I knew instantly that I wanted Natalie and Bob to play at our wedding. In fact, their dulcet tones poured over the rooftop and out into the laneway and apparently at one point people were coming in off the street, up the stairs, searching for a rooftop party!— And a party they found, one that was captured beautifully by the lovely and talented Luke Going Photography.

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CREDITS Photos Luke Going Photography // Bridal gown Nevenka // Shoes Zomp // Accessories Samantha Wills // Hair and makeup Megan Harrison // Rings Ruby Pierce Jewelry via Etsy and Bario Neal // Bridesmaid dresses Nicolangela // Suit Mirpuri Bespoke // Shirt and groomsmen suits Peter Jackson // Socks Topshop // Flower girls Zara // Event planner / Stylist Short & Spook // Florist Pomp and Splendour // Place cards Short and Sweet Design // Ceremony L1 Studios, VIC // Reception and catering Pope Joan, VIC // Prop and furniture hire Dann Event Hire // Tree hire Botanical Events // Photo Booth Oh My Booth // Entertainment Tillee Music and Fiona Scott-Norman // Celebrant Jo Betz // Transport Klassic Kombi and and Dee Decker // Cinematographer Lovely Day Films.