For this gorgeous trio (Bridgit, Rich and their adorable son Noah) planning a wedding was not without its hitches. With a short and snappy six month engagement, Bridgit tells us that it wasn’t until the week before the wedding that she discovered her dream dress was in fact too big!

I could literally fit my fist in the bust. I spoke with a few seamstresses and short of altering it within an inch of its life in a crazy small amount of time, there was nothing I could do other than try to find another dress.” Fortunately the laid back lady took it in her stride, even laughing about it when she and her hubby to be visited Enchant├╗? in search for a replacement. “I tried on a lovely ivory J’Adore formal dress and walked out of the store with it…Crisis averted!”

As far as the venue went, the couple settled on the gorgeous Pine Valley Estate in Cooma, NSW, whose beautiful grounds boast Secret Garden-esque vibes and a rather stunning atrium where the pair said ‘I Do’. With their decision to stick to vegan food, Bridgit and Rich were initially apprehensive about how their venue and cake maker, would accommodate them. “People are still raving about how amazing the day was and how incredible all of the food was…People could honestly not believe the cake was vegan and literally everyone said it was the best cake they’d ever tasted. The awesome people at Sweet Bones totally outdid themselves!”

As far as stand out vendors went, the pair couldn’t go past Canberra based due Corinna & Dylan Photography. “Hands down, Corinna & Dylan were the most amazing photographers. They surpassed all of our expectations and not only took incredible photos but were amazing weddings guests too. We had such a blast with them and have completely fallen in love with them as people!”

We have to agree, Corinna and Dylan captured this cheeky couple, their gorgeous son and the beautiful day and all its epicness!

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CREDITS Photographer Corinna & Dylan Photography // Printer Fast Print Services // Ceremony and Reception venue Pine Valley Estate, NSW // Cake Sweet Bones // Celebrant Antoinette Braeder // Bride’s Engagement and Wedding Rings Natalie Diamonds // Grooms Wedding Band Michael Hill // Alcohol Catcher & Co. // Bridal gown designer J’Adore // Bridal Boutique Enchant├╗? // Bridesmaid dresses and Bride’s Shoes Boohoo // Groom and Groomsmen Suits Cotton On // Tie Skinny Tie.