When asked what marriage means to them, Real Wedding Special couple Caitlin and Luke reveal the cheeky truth: £It’s celebrating a boundless love, every day. And having someone to bring you a coffee every morning!— Legal addictive stimulants aside, it was clear from the start that these lovebirds would put on a day to remember.

£We tried to create a celebration that reflected the two of us and what we love. The vibe we had was romantic, classic and elegant. We were inspired by rich and charming colours and landscape,— explains Caitlin, whose London-based Man of Honour was forced to do his rightly duties via Skype and email.

£It was a bit ridiculous trying to match his burgundy suit to the bridesmaid’s dresses without seeing them together in person! We resorted to taking photos in similar ways, like ‘okay I’m going to take a photo of my suit in the morning with natural light against an off-white wall on a cloudy day… can you do the same?’ in order to try and match up the fabrics and colours.—

In the end, they decided that something £on the spectrum— of burgundy would do the job. £It worked out well that the dresses and suit weren’t identical in colour. We didn’t see the two together until a couple of days prior to the wedding,— says Caitlin, admitting that it’s especially difficult to choose just one favourite aspect of the day.

£In the end, they all tied together to create such a magical wedding that it’s hard to imagine one detail without the compliments of another,— she tells us, though it’s obvious the blooms provided by Little Wren Flowers held a super special place in her heart.

£For me, the flowers were always going to be one of the most important characteristics of the day! I am a creative and visual person, so discussing the flowers and seeing the arrangements come to life was really special. I wanted to be surrounded by exquisite, unique blooms; and that we were!—

From the beautiful ceremony to that show-stopping Pronovias gown and a night of dancing to The Nutbush’, there’s no doubt this was a day to remember. Though there was one stressful moment they all might rather forget. The Father of the Bride forgot his socks and, of course, no one realised it until it was almost go-time! £We had to get a family member to rush around and drop his socks off to us before heading to the ceremony,— explains Caitlin.

£This made the bus for our guests a little bit late, which prompted us to hang around at the cottage a little longer and the ceremony didn’t begin until a half hour or so later than planned. Luke’s grandmothers thought I’d done a runner!— But judging by these gorgeous photos taken by photographer Lauren Campbell, clearly she did not!

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