It was pretty clear from the get-go that Caitlin and Zac aren’t a very conventional or tradition couple.

“In a true reflection of us’ there was no proposal. We were sitting in our study at home and we just happened to say we were due for a party and a wedding would be a pretty great excuse to get all of our friends and family together in the one place! The rest just kind of fell together.”

Since Zac had grown up on Dunk Island in Queensland and it was where the pair had first met, it seemed like the obvious choice for them to tie the knot.

“We had shared a lot of memories together at Dunk Island so we didn’t bother looking at any other venues as we knew that’s where we would be getting married,” explains Caitlin, who adds that the overall experience for their friends and family was the main focus of their day.

“We didn’t want a wedding at a venue where you had to be out by 11. We wanted a full three day experience for all of our friends and family. To be honest we just wanted a massive party to celebrate with everyone. We love music, so the reception really was key for us, we wanted good food, flowing alcohol and above all great music – I think we achieved that!”

With an awesome team of vendors behind them, like Florido Weddings, Bridal Trousseau and Stem Design, Caitlin was able to focus on other things – like choosing an awesome dress.

“My dress was Rue De Seine and I purchased it at The Babushaka Ballerina in Brisbane. I tried on quite a few before I was set on this one. I had seen it on the rack and in pictures and loved it but didn’t think I could pull it off and to my surprise with a little push from Nikki at TBB I tried it on and loved it,” says the bride, who admits that choosing one favourite moment is close to impossible.

“To be honest the entire three days was pretty incredible and picking just one moment would be insanely hard. I think overall the reception was definitely a highlight for us both as all the hard stuff was done and there was nothing left to do buy enjoy the entertainment and everyone’s company! As clichû? as it sound sit truly was the best weekend of our lives!”

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