Car troubles are just one of those things that we all experience at some point so we put on our big-girl panties and deal with it. But imagine having to deal with that on the way to your wedding! Real Wedding Special bride, Candice, tells us £The engine overheated and blew up!! We had to call in the cavalry to come and rescue us! The car never made it back to Sydney but luckily everyone made it down to Bundanoon on time…—

Held at a gorgeous French-Moroccan style farmhouse the theme was aptly named Bohemian Bow tie’. £We wanted the to day to be fun, and relaxed, to have that carefree energy and not traditional. It was a free spirit vibe, girls wore long dresses and flat shoes and the boys wore bow ties! Having a theme was really important to us, we wanted our friends and family to feel like they were part of the day,— explains the couple, who worked with styling expert She Designs to create an amazing post-ceremony set up at Sydney’s Bellmore Homestead.

With a strong Moroccan influence, the story time’ area included rugs, chairs and pillows where everyone could sit around whilst the couple had their stories told. £She Designs created a magic mood where we had beautiful antique leather couches where we sat and each person who spoke came up and sat with us on the couch. It was so intimate because I could hold my dad’s hand when he spoke. It was really special.—

Another special element from the day (aside from the photos by legend James Frost Photography) was the dress. As a fashion designer, everyone expected Candice to create her own gown. However an attempt to avoid yet another to-do on the task list, Candice admits she £did the bridey thing— and bought a dress instead, but James wasn’t too thrilled with the purchase. £He told me that he would love nothing more than to see me walk down the aisle in a dress that I had designed, it didn’t matter to him what the dress was, what mattered to him was that it was unique like me.—

With that in mind she set about creating a gown that was truly one of a kind. Candice goes on to explain £James really made me stop and think about the reasons for the dress and the sentimental values of the day. Its easy to get swept up in all the wedding hype and you start wanting more than you need, James really brought me back down to earth and I created the dress for myself, and I knew it would make him proud.—

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CREDITS Photos James Frost Photography // Bridal gown and veil Designed and made by Bride // Lingerie La Perla // Shoes Christian Dior // Hair Naomi McFadden // Makeup Alan White // Rings Troy Clancy // Bridesmaid dresses Designed by Bride and made at Bec & Bridge // Groom and groomsmen suits Briggins // Shirt MJ Bale // Tie / Bow tie Peter Jackson Menswear // Cufflinks Tiffany & Co // Watch Cartier // Barber / grooming Grand Royal Barbers // Groomsmen gifts Bailey Nelson // Event planner / Stylist She Designs // Stationery Paper2 // Ceremony and reception Bellmore Homestead, NSW // Catering Dan the Man // Lighting / sound hire DJ Warehouse // Entertainment Val Norman and Hannah Robinson // Celebrant Milestone & Co // Cinematographer Joe Vassy.