Carmen knew she wanted to marry Michael, and so she asked. “I was feeling very relaxed, right up until I was going to ask him and I spilt my champagne everywhere… I finally got my words out and he was really happy that I asked him”, she says.

Clearly not the kind to follow tradition, Carmen once again did what she wanted, booking Gilgara Retreat in Western Australia the second she saw it. “We wanted a very relaxed earthy setting with a sense of simple luxury and once we had decided on the venue and the tipi from The Zest Group WA everything fell into place.”

As a restaurant owner Michael took care of catering while Carmen worked alongside their incredible vendors including Natural Art by Rebecca Grace to create an enchanting space overflowing with colourful, cascading blooms, as well as legendary photographer Teneil Kable, acoustic musician Bella Blakemore and celebrant Nola Walter.

“Being in the Tipi under the canopy of flowers was absolutely magical”, says Carmen who between playing wedding planner had also made their napkins, invitations and cocktail menu signs. Funnily enough however, it was Michael who was weary.

“When the night was winding down Michael and I headed back to our room but by the time I had washed my makeup off Michael had fallen asleep! So I put my jeans and a hoodie on and headed back to the party and there was a small group of us who sat around demolishing the delicious cheese boards!”

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CREDITS Photos Teneil Kable // Bridal gown Helen Miraudo // Lingerie Huit 8 Paris // Shoes Enrico Antinori via Zomp // Hair I Do Beauty // Grooms suit and tie Canali via Parker & Co. // Shoes Alberto Fasciani // Flowers Natural Art by Rebecca Grace // Ceremony and reception Gilgara Retreat, WA // Oysters The Oyster Shucker // Catering Matt Stone // Desserts Jo Barrett // Cutlery, plates and glassware Hire Society // Prop hire The Zest Group WA and Curio Warehouse // Tipi The Zest Group WA // Lighting and sound Micktric Events // Music Bella Blakemore and Down South Entertainment // Celebrant Nola Walter // Rings Julia Deville // Transport Margaret River.com.