Every now and then something catches you by surprise – a look, a word, a song perhaps – that makes your heart melt. For us today it was these beautiful images by the one and only James Frost, along with this magical film courtesy of LaLune Cinema.

Carolina and Terry’s day was held at Dunbar House on Watson’s Bay, just a short ferry ride from Sydney’s Circular Quay. “When we found Dunbar House it was just exactly what we wanted  a perfect mix of the both of us (beach babe and English gent)”, says Carolina who looked breathtaking in her Elizabeth Fillmore gown and perfectly applied makeup by Makeup by Megan. “I brought my dress from Anna DaFonte in Woollahra. It’s an Elizabeth Fillmore design from New York. The moment I put it on I knew it was the one’, despite being over my budget! I loved it.”

Being in events, Carolina naturally took charge, creating an elegantly styled reception with decorations from BHLDN and a DIY dessert table. The White Tree kept guests dancing well into the night while Terry reminded us why men need women. Carolina tells us, “Terry collected all the suits from T.M. Lewin a week before the wedding, but didn’t actually try his on. On the day when they were getting ready, he realised his pants hadn’t actually been hemmed! What do four men decide to do to try hem pants? Sticky tape! Despite having a full sewing kit in the house.”

But of course she loves him anyway, also telling us, “my husband’s speech was so heartfelt and touching, not a dry eye in the room and that was mainly from the men!”

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CREDITS Photos James Frost Photography // Cinematography LaLune Cinema // Bridal gown Elizabeth Fillmore from Anna DaFonte // Shoes Milana // Flowers My Violet // Rings Musson // Jewellery Angelique // Bridesmaids dresses Adrianna Papell // Grooms and groomsmen suits T.M. Lewin // Grooms shoes Zu // Bow ties John W. Nordstrom // Ceremony, reception and catering Dunbar House, NSW // Cake Blooms by Bethan // Cake topper and decorations BHLDN // Stationery The Little Press // Hair Rochelle Vukelic // Makeup Makeup by Megan // Music The White Tree // Celebrant Jessica Cacchillo // Registry Not Another Toaster