It’s no secret we love a relaxed backyard affair here at Hello May, so when Catherine and Lucas’s laid back nuptials popped up in our inbox we couldn’t wait to share their day with you all, photographed candidly by the lovely Brendan from A Bear A Deer and A Fox.

Catherine tells us “Lucas and I really didn’t like the idea of a big fussy wedding – so no bridal party, assigned seating or super long speeches – we really just wanted to get married and hang out with our friends and family.” and that’s exactly what they did!

Keeping costs low and the good times rolling, Catherine and Lucas undertook plenty of DIY in the lead up to their wedding day. Catherine explains “we spent the week before the wedding getting all of the food ready, going to the beach and relaxing and drove back up to Sydney to go to the Surry Hills Markets and then drove back down the coast and spent the day setting up the hall, arranging flowers and hanging out with family and friends who had traveled down.”

After scoring her dress at the Surry Hills Markets for the bargain price of 30 bucks, Catherine and Lucas threw a few ‘craft parties’ to get the rest of their chores done. Meters and meters of brown paper bunting were made, tablecloths, table runners and cushions were hand sewn with fabric picked up from spotlight and all the jars were collected by family and friends.

Catherine goes on to say “we decided to DIY as much as we could although our biggest splurge (or rather our ONLY splurge) was deciding to get a professional photographer for the day as having beautiful images to remember everything was something that we considered important and Brendan was fantastic, he was really fun to hang out with and made us feel completely comfortable.”

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CREDITS Photos A Beer A Deer and A Fox // Dress Vintage, Surry Hills Markets // Flowers Sydney Flower Markets // Rings Sydney Antiques Centre // Grooms suit MYER // Grooms Shoes Wayne Cooper // Grooms tie Jack London // Ceremony Cambewarra Village Church // Reception Pyree Hall // Catering Family and friends // Bread Burke Street Bakery // Cake Homemade // Cake toppers Melabo via Etsy.