Alex had been travelling back and forth to New York often until he finally came home to spend a dreamy Melbourne day with Christina visiting their favourite places around town and cooking dinner together at home “Sometimes there’s nothing more romantic than being in domestic bliss together. As I was getting ready for bed, Al seized the perfect moment, surrounded by the things we love, to pop the question. It was 11:30pm and I was crying with joy in the living room in a towel and PJ’s in hand!”

Going for a “garden party meets New Orleans brass band meets backyard family dining” vibe, the couple began organising their day straight away. “We knew we wanted to get married outdoors and in a park and we knew that we wanted to have our reception at Pope Joan, our favourite restaurant. We wanted it to be relaxed, fun & a reflection of us and things we like.”

With a limited budget, this crafty pair took on a boatload of DIY. “We still wanted it to represent us and our style as much as possible. Al took on anything that needed building, sanding, staining, spray painting and I took on all the design elements, sourcing fonts and templates for everything from the invites to the thank you cards. In the end it was a team effort that got it all done in time, with our bridal party and families forming an efficient production line for all our cutting and gluing needs,” says Christina, who wore a Grace Loves Lace gown.

I tried on several styles that I had my eye on but as soon as I put on their Bambi’ gown I knew it was for me. It just felt right,” says the bride, whose favourite detail from the day (captured by I Got You Babe Weddings) was dancing in the park to the The Horns of Leroy.

“They played an awesome cover of ‘Sexual Healing’ which they invited us to dance to. We were jumping up and down, hugging each other and grinning like fools. Our guests had taken their shoes off and were having a boogie on the grass, with champagne glasses in hand and the sunlight glowing on their faces. It was pure happiness.”

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