Claire and Dave are both artists, so it goes without saying that their big day was one humungous work of art. The couple brainstormed some pretty cray visions for their wedding including children in suits covered with bells, a lone bagpiper on a distant hill and boats stranded in drained out dams. Whilst the couple decided to strip things back a touch, the day is still pretty darn impressive. That black dress and beribboned hat combo sure has stolen a piece of our hearts! Now, you are seriously going to want to scroll down for I Got You Babe’s classy captures…

THE VIBE “We wanted to create a ritual that really reflected us. We both love being in nature and wanted to incorporate that in some way. We really wanted to create a day that would take our guests on a journey. It wasn’t important that it felt like a traditional wedding but it was important that it felt like a reflection of us. I’ve probably been to around 30 or more weddings in my life and I’ve slowly been making a list of the things I liked and the things that I didn’t.”

FAVOURITE DETAILS “The band [Seduceaphones] was fantastic. Dave and I love the movie Black Cat, White Cat and we wanted a Balkan Gypsy band like in the film. Thankfully, our wedding didn’t end the way it did the film but everyone was up and dancing which was so much fun.”

THE DRESS “I wasn’t keen on wearing white and I wanted to buy something that I could wear again and again. Most of all, I wanted to feel comfortable. I owned a few Arnsdorf pieces already and I really wanted to invest in clothing that was ethical and sustainable. Arnsdorf do limited runs and will even tailor to fit you. I had a great experience with Thea Bassilou in their Fitzroy store. I also ended up buying an Arnsdorf black velvet jumpsuit to wear later in the night.”

A TOUCH OF TRADITION “We hated the idea of Claire’s Dad ‘giving her away’. It felt really dated and disempowering. Instead, we waited by the river together. Our guests were invited to find us in the forest using a path marked by hand painted flags. Our guests were asked to take their time, absorb the environment and write down an intention. Along the way, we had two musicians hidden in trees playing call and response to each other. Forest, our 5-year-old, and my niece and nephews lead the way waving their own flags. It was about a fifteen-minute walk. Dave and I greeted everyone at the ceremony site and the children collected a written intention for the day from each person which we had asked our guests to create. It was a lovely way to begin the ceremony as it meant that we got to greet each one of our guests and welcome them individually. As part of our ceremony, we had our mothers bind our hands. Then with our hands bound, we worked together to light the intentions on fire, to send them away. We never read them, but it felt like a powerful way to focus everyone’s energy for the day.”

LITTLE LOL “The venue runs off the grid. Once the solar power ran out, it switched over to a generator. Something was going on with the generator and while our dear friend Steven fixed it, the lights would occasionally fade off and on again. It was actually quite fun because the band was a brass band and could keep playing without power as there were candles everywhere. Everyone would “ooooh” each time the lights went out and then cheer when they came back on. Steven was able to fix it quickly but it all just added to the vibe.”

STANDOUT VENDORS “The food was incredible. Spade to Blade created a menu for us that was made from locally sourced produce. They cooked on the coals of the fires which added to the whole mood. Our photography was done by Lilli from I Got You Babe. I originally hadn’t realised she even did wedding photography and had been following her fine art photography on Instagram. Rather than fancy dinners and weekend getaways, Dave and I have a tradition of purchasing artwork to celebrate our anniversary. We wanted an image that felt like an artwork more than a wedding photo. Lilli did an incredible job. Her image of us on the rocks will join our growing art collection.”

If you’d like your wedding photos to be works or art too then you best pop on over this way for contact details and more real weddings from I Got You Babe Weddings. If you are smitten with Claire’s sweet dress and it’s coloured gown inspo you are after, we have a whole post dedicated to coloured goodness right here. How good!

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