Coming from two very different cultures, Clare and Prabhu had some very interesting discussions in the lead up to their wedding. Like that time that Clare thought her fiance’s family had invited 600 people to their wedding…

“After some more explaining, I realised this was common in India and that we would in fact have around 600 guests at our Indian celebration. Not coming from the same upbringing, has meant neither one of us can assume that things just happen a certain way.”

Held at Perricoota Station in New South Wales, brass details amongst tonnes of white flowers and greenery by Clementine Florals were the go. “We didn’t really have a theme, we chose pieces that we loved, and kept the colour scheme as natural as we could,” explains Clare, who chose timeless over trendy the whole way through.

A self-proclaimed “hopeless” DIY-er, the bride delegated duties to her crafty friends who did a great job sourcing and styling the tables, dessert buffet, and everything else.

“I had my friends style the reception and was blown away by how beautiful and warm the venue felt. I could never have done that on my own,” she explains, thankful for her talented buds and for photographer Matt Godkin as well.

“Matt, our photographer, was so creative and was climbing up things to get that perfect’ angle. Matt is a lover of light and got crazy excited about our location and the big old wool shed.”

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CREDITS Photos Matt Godkin Photography // Bridal gown and veil Baccini and Hill // Hair piece, robes and accessories BHLDN // Lingerie Intimo // Shoes Portmans// Hair and makeup Carlie Christie // Rings Michael Hill // Bridesmaid dress Tiffany Rose // Bridesmaid gifts Mimco // Jacket Ted Baker // Shirt Country Road // Pants Industrie // Bow ties, groomsmen pants, flower girls and page boys Myer // Cufflinks Cuffed // Groom and groomsmen shoes, groomsmen shirt and jacket and candles Target // Socks Witchery // Barber Electric Brain Barbershop // Groomsmen socks Witchery // Flower girls Bardot Junior // Flower girl/Page boy gifts Zara // Florist Clementine Florals // Stationery and favours Nuttshell // Ceremony, reception and catering Perricoota Station, NSW // Cake Bella Cake Art // Cheese Farmgate Cheese // Candles Country Road // Entertainment Vocalista Band // Celebrant Pastor Stacey Hilliar // Registry Envelope Registry // Videographer Jarryd Fell Videography