What’s the worst thing that could happen just days before your wedding? Nope, not rain – getting sick. Just ask Ash and his bride Courtney who, three days out from her big day, got both laryngitis and pharyngitis. Not to fret though, she tells us. “I was able to say my vows fine!”

Captured by Sophie T Photography, the day was inspired by marble, geometrics, deep pinks and copper, the pair (with help from styling legends Short & Spook, who’s own wedding you can see here) created their dream day. Their celebration was held at Brown Brother’s Winery Garden in Victoria, a unique setting with an ultra-romantic backdrop. Since Courtney had been visiting Milawa since she was young, she had a strong love and ties to the place so it was pretty much a no-brainer.

“We picked the very first venue we saw. There was never any question about where it would be,” the bride explains, though finding the perfect bridal gown wasn’t quite as simple.

After a not-so-great experience at the first shop she visited, Courtney was feeling disheartened and disappointed – that is, until she went to Melbourne’s The Bridal Atelier, a hub for carefully curated and internationally sourced dresses.

“The girls at The Bridal Atelier made it all worth it. I was shown a dress with a full skirt by Rime Arodaky, which is not ‘me’ AT ALL but I sort of said, okay I’ll try it. I cried as soon as I walked out of the fitting room. I fell head over heels in love. And everyone said they were so surprised by my choice, which I really liked on the day,” says Courtney, whose favourite memory from the day was taking a few minutes to simply sit alone and observe everyone.

“I have goosebumps right now thinking about it. The love was palpable. Watching everyone drinking and dancing and celebrating, not only our marriage, but love and friendship, was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced,” she tells us, adding that their wedding date was also quite significant in itself, honouring her grandmother. “We are really glad we got married on Nan’s birthday. I miss her immensely and it was a beautiful way to pay homage to my family matriarch.”

Despite being ill, accidentally sending a ‘grumpy’ text to the videographer (meant for her husband-to-be), and dealing with the hardships of planning an awesome wedding, Court and Ash’s day was a clear success (with help from Mary Mary Studio, Dann Event Hire and The White Tree) and the newlyweds advise other couples on the brink of marriage to embrace the stress and the ‘true’ meaning of marriage…

“Marriage means Court reminding Ash what she said 10 seconds ago, and Ash reassuring Court she DID lock the door 10 times every time they leave the house. It means weathering storms, because there will be plenty. It means not trying to be normal or perfect, and being happy anyways. It means happiness and it means love.”

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