After being together for twelve years, Dionne and Mark were only (technically) engaged for two months before making things official. £In April 2015, Mark was offered a job with Etihad Airways in the UAE, so we registered at the local town hall the weekend before flying to Abu Dhabi. While we had a small party and farewell do, we didn’t have our actual wedding until April 2017, which was great as it meant we got to have another party, but also means we’re still stuck on a date to celebrate!—

Landing on a destination wedding, Dionne and Mark (along with their nearest and dearest) trekked to beautiful Bali for their celebration at Uluwatu Surf Villas. “We loved having a wedding venue where we could stay pre and post ceremony, and all of our friends could come and go as they pleased, regardless of whether they stayed at with us or not – meant the party began when we got on the plane and ended when we left,” explains the pair, adding that a laid-back approach was the way to go.

“We wanted everyone to be able to relax and unwind and enjoy being on a holiday, so we wanted to keep things casual, relaxed and fun, which was easy to do with an amazing location and a great group of people. We approached the wedding by picking a few things we didn’t want to compromise on and staying true to what we wanted, so we splurged on food, the photographer and booze! And let the rest sort itself out.”

Photographed by the oh so talented Dan O’Day, the couple says there were too many standout memories to count. “Everything just came together and we were able to really take it all in and enjoy the day with all of our friends. Some of the key moments include surprising everyone with tequila shots and green apples right at the end of the ceremony. Another was the speeches, particularly my mum’s speech who was nervous before speaking but brought the house down,” the bride tells us, sharing a few funny (or not so funny, depending on your perspective) stories from the day.

“My brother missed his transfer flight to get to Bali from PNG, which resulted in a mad dash from Mark trying to rebook other flights, and I shouldn’t say it’s funny, but my best friend broke her femur (thigh bone) three weeks before the wedding while snowboarding in Japan, resulting in her getting emergency surgery in Japan and we were worried she wouldn’t make it. But she was there, crutches and all.”

And as far as married life goes? Dionne and Mark lay it out clear and simply. “Joint bank accounts, not as many Saturday nights out, binge watching of 90s teenage dramas and not feeling guilt – and perhaps, most importantly, it means we finally get to have an English Bulldog! Marriage is bliss.”

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