First seen in the Real Wedding Special, to give some context to Elana and Jay’s day, it helps to know what they both do for a crust. £I find myself sitting behind a computer screen in Bondi Junction Monday to Friday where let’s be honest, I spend most of my time shopping online,” says Elana, whose cyber skills came in handy during her search for the perfect wedding dress.

£Being a Pinterest addict I knew what dress I wanted wayyyyy before I was even engaged haha. I flew up to the Grace Loves Lace studio in Burleigh and tried on a few amazing pieces including the gown I wore £Hollie—. You know that corny saying people always use when trying on wedding dresses ‘when you try it on you will know’ – well, it’s true! You really do know!—

Meanwhile Jay, who owns a concreting business, was put to work (cue: loads of DIY). £There was a LOT of DIY happening during the lead up of the wedding (most being done at the last minute of course). We were pretty damn pleased with the wooden stake sign we created out of old fence palings and our recovery kits for guests—, says Elana who hired photographer Scott Surplice and design duo Ashdown & Bee to look after the rest.

Held at The Boathouse in Palm Beach, Elana tells us, £Our inspiration was a rhythmic mix of bohemian meets nautical. Jay and I both wanted something that reflected our personalities – chilled and relaxed! We didn’t want a big fuss we just wanted a big party and MY GOD was it a good party! We forgot to cut our wedding cake because we were all dancing and having too much fun.—

Their day however, wasn’t all just fun and games. £As my father passed away in 2013 my mother generously offered me her wedding band. So the ring Jay gave me is the exact same ring my parents used on their wedding day in 1978. We have started our own family tradition which I only hope continues for many years to come.—

It was a beautiful touch to their otherwise playful day – a day Elana is glad they never took too seriously. £Be present in every moment, let your creativity flow, don’t get caught up in perfection and most importantly don’t forget to CUT YOUR WEDDING CAKE!—

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CREDITS Photos Scott Surplice Photography // Bridal gown Grace Loves Lace // Shoes Gold Ordon // Hair Hair NT Styles // Makeup Natalie Urban Make Up Artist // Rings GM Diamond // Jewellery/Accessories Love Warriors // Bridesmaids dresses For Love & Lemons // Grooms suit Zara // Grooms shoes Jeffery Campbell // Groomsmen suits ASOS // Bow ties / ties Divine Domestication via Etsy // Florist Wild Lotus Florist // Stylist Ashdown & Bee // Ceremony Lucinda Park, NSW //Reception and catering The Boathouse, NSW // Cake TasTee Treats 4 U // Cake topper Snug Monkey via Etsy // Entertainment Mo’vida // Celebrant Claire Belfield // Transport Kombi Celebrations.