We love us a surprise wedding here at Hello May HQ and that’s exactly what Elana, a photographer and Marty, a carpenter had recently in sunny Queensland. Their super talented photographer, Todd Hunter McGaw tells us “It began at dawn.. just the two of them  first light on the first day of spring.. a quiet moment… it was perfect”.

Todd found Elana & Marty an amazing mountain top over looking the valley below and goes on to say “if you think organising a wedding is a lot of hard work, you’d be absolutely right.. but planning it all in secret so you can drop a super-wedding-bombshell on your guests while at your engagement party? well that’s quite a task, & I reckon some moments of quiet before game time’ is a pretty good idea”

Marty elaborates “we call it our Wengagement Day! Our guests arrived at what they thought was just a relaxed engagement party in the park until we dropped our wedding bombshell on them. Elana crept away to transform into a whimsical bride (in a gorgeous Grace Loves Lace gown and crown by Blossom and Twine ) and returned to the astonishment of the crowd.”

They tied the knot under a beautiful tree in Sherwood Forest Park and danced the night away under the stars. Now that’s our kind of wedding.

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CREDITS Photos Todd Hunter McGaw // Bridal gown Grace Loves Lace // Flowers and floral crown Blossom and Twine // Shoes Payless // Grooms Jacket Jack London // Grooms shirt Ralph Lauren // Grooms pants Mr Simple // Grooms shoes Thomas Cook // Ceremony and reception Sherwood Forest Park, Sherwood // Catering Travelling Tea Cups // Hair Flourish Hair // Make up Tanielle Davies // Entertainment Teagen Keith // Celebrant Trevor Harris.