Love will make people do some crazy things, like waking up at dawn. But Ella and Callum were happy to oblige, knowing they’d chosen a fabulous photographer by the name of Ashley Oostdyck from Stories by Ash to capture their ‘before’ wedding shots.

“Ella and Callum are a fun, creative couple based on the Sunshine Coast. They’re soon to be hitched and wanted to celebrate with a casual shoot leading up to the big day”, says Ash. “It’s not often I suggest a dawn photo shoot, but on this morning I chased the sunrise to meet Ella and Callum on the beach. Our plan was to watch the sun come up over the ocean for some gorgeous, morning light photos, followed by much needed coffee. Well the clouds closed in and the sun didn’t cooperate but we ended up with a perfect soft dawn and the beach to ourselves. We followed up with some seriously amazing coffee at Mambo Coffee, Maroochydoore, where we chilled and put some of their artwork to good use.”

For Ash, who is also featured in the current issue of Hello May on sale now at newsagents Australia-wide, getting to know couples before their wedding day is something she loves. “Spending time with Ella and Callum was wonderful and I can’t wait to capture their wedding story!—

We too look forward to bringing readers Ella and Callum’s wedding later in the year, so keep your eyes peeled precious peeps! We have no doubt it will filled with all kinds of wonderful.

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