If you haven’t yet met The Robertsons then we’re very pleased to be introducing you to them now. They’re the guys behind these incredible images of Emily and Wayne’s wedding that have suddenly made us all emotional.

And if you haven’t yet heard of Poachers Pantry in Canberra, then it’s likely we’ve just made your day. One of Canberra’s most picturesque wedding venues, it was the perfect place for Emily and Wayne to tie the knot. Surrounded by such stunning, natural landscapes and rustic interiors, not even the rain could ruin their day. “It rained about 90 percent of the day but to be honest it didn’t matter because I got to marry my best friend”, says Emily who by now has learnt that bad weather is often a blessing in disguise…

When Wayne proposed they were at the snow for his birthday, trapped inside because of a white out. That night, after a celebratory dinner, Wayne blew out his birthday candles and made a public wish. “Well the first thing I wished for today was that it would be good weather but that didn’t happen! And the second thing was that Em would marry me?”

At the time neither of them knew that Emily would find a dress quite like the one she wore. Her stunning Helen English gown purchased in Paddington, Sydney well and truly stole the show along with her gorgeous Samantha Wills earrings. With great music by Adam & Ash, flowers from Laurel and Lace and desserts by Sweet Bones to boot, Emily and Wayne pulled off a truly wonderful wedding.

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CREDITS Photos The Robertsons // Bridal gown Helen English // Flowers + floral crown Laurel and Lace // Shoes Karen Millen // Rings Michael Hill // Jewellery Samantha Wills and Pierre Winter // Bridesmaids dresses Asos // Grooms and groomsmen suits and ties Country Road // Grooms and groomsmen shirts Saba // Grooms shoes FSW // Ceremony, reception and catering Poachers Pantry, ACT // Cake Sweet Bones // Styling Photoboothprop, Mirtilloshop, ColourSplashDesign, JustJars, ThePetitePackage all via Etsy, Style Emporium, Wheel & Barrow and Pillow Talk // Garter LucyBridalBoutique via Etsy // Tie clips FutureHeirloomDesign via Etsy // Hangers JCBridals via Etsy // Kimonos Silkandmore via Etsy // Stationery Vista Print // Hair Boho in Yerrabi // Makeup Emma Tod // Music Adam & Ash // Celebrant Carol Moon.