Emma and Andrew’s day was anything but ordinary. Held at Myalup Pines Cottages in Western Australia and captured by photographers Glenn and Lauren of Still Love, Emma says marriage was never really on her radar. “Andrew had pushed me for quite a while!” she says of their historic battle – one she is now glad he won.

Determined to create a day that was casual, colourful and a little unconventional, Emma assigned her parent’s to make their wooden arch while she took care of stationery, signage, styling and her outfit. “I bought two dresses from eBay thinking I’d alter them or eventually really love either. This didn’t happen so three days before the wedding I sewed like crazy, two days before the wedding I had a freak out and self doubt kicked in. I really did not want to wear the top I had made as I couldn’t get it to sit right. I emailed Dyspnea knowing the girls are based in Perth and just said it was emergency and I need a top ASAP! Basically, they were amazing… the top arrived 30 minutes before the ceremony (though I was super chill!)”

Andrew on the other hand was a little more nervous. “Andrew kind of wet himself as I started to walk down the aisle, so we had to stop and wait for him to go to the toilet HA!” As the night went on however, his confidence grew and soon he was showcasing his best break dancing moves in front of Velvet Betty, their portable bar. Why? Because that’s how they roll.

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CREDITS Photos Still Love // Bridal gown Dyspnea (top) and homemade (skirt) // Shoes Free People // Flowers Alice McKnight // Rings Ecali // Grooms suit Flannel Men // Grooms shoes Key Sole // Ceremony and reception Myalup Pines Cottages, WA // Bar Velvet Betty // Cake The Forest Bakery // Ice creams La Paleta // Furniture Project Blak // Lighting Micktric Events // Guest book Lorgie // Music King Cactus and Paul and the Heavy Hitters // Celebrant The Celebrant.